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MathType: the professional version of the formula editor

MathType is a powerful interactive program for Windows and Mac that you can use to create mathematical equations and notations for word processing, websites, desktop publishing, presentations, as well as for TeX, LaTeX and MathML documents.

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MathType from Wiris is a powerful interactive tool that is revolutionizing the way you create printed and web-based documents that contain mathematical notations or mathematical equations. MathType works with your word processor, presentation program, page layout program, HTML authoring tool, and other types of software to create equations for research papers, teaching materials, essays and dissertations, websites, presentations, magazine articles, and books.

MathType is the professional version of the formula editor

If you are familiar with the equation editor included with Microsoft Office and other products (made by Design Science and a scaled-down version of MathType), you will appreciate the many additional features you get with MathType itself. MathType lets you create a wider range of equations for a wider range of documents and work much more efficiently. It offers a tremendous amount of features that effectively turn Microsoft Word into a state-of-the-art math word processor and web page editor.

MathPage: Revolutionary new technology for publishing math on the web

MathType includes the new MathPage ™ technology that allows you to convert an entire Word document into a web page of equations that can be easily printed and viewed in any modern Windows, Macintosh, Unix, or Linux browser.


MathType is available as a rental license (annual rental) for Windows and Mac OS.

MathType 7 Desktop is not compatible with MacOS Catalina

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