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Conga and Apttus join forces

"Apart from goals such as cost and time savings, which are often the top priority when optimizing processes, goals should be fundamentally questioned, redefined and employees should also be involved to develop a common thread in the direction of digitization," recommends Ash Finnegan, Digital Transformation Officer at Conga. (Image: Conga)

The American company Conga merged with the Californian company Apttus and thus expands its product portfolio. The company resulting from the merger will continue to operate under the name Conga, has total sales of around 400 million dollars and can refer to a total of more than 10,000 customers. According to the company, the aim of the merged company is "to enable both small and large companies to modernize revenue generation, maintain key relationships and ensure faster, intelligent sales cycles to improve the customer experience."

Conga, headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, operates a SaaS platform for the creation, management, tracking and delivery of documents and also covers the areas of contract management and e-signature. The company has so far been represented in Europe with branches in London and Paris, but already has well-known German customers, including for example Allianz, Sixt and Siemens.

Conga has Europe in its sights

In 2019, Conga invested heavily in expanding its European business. For example, the Paris office opened in September and over thirty new employees were hired during the year. After recently completing its annual audits, Conga now also has ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications. As in previous years, evaluation reports and certifications for HIPAA, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 are also available. Apttus is only represented in Europe with a branch in London.

Established quote-to-cash solution from Apttus

Apttus from San Mateo, California, has also developed a solution for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). In addition, it also offers a quote-to-cash solution and a solution for CPQ (Configure, Price Quote). Quote-to-cash solutions cover the process in companies, also known as order-to-cash, to which, in addition to order creation, dispatch of an order confirmation, provision of the agreed service or creation of delivery documents and dispatch of the goods as well as invoicing, revenue updates belong in the accounting and the receipt of payment. Through automation and simplification, quote-to-cash solutions shorten the duration of this process considerably.

This is indispensable for e-commerce and online services on a large scale, at least very helpful for more traditional companies. As a result, you can get your money faster, increase customer satisfaction, ensure a uniform offer policy and get a better overview of business development.

New management team at Conga

The newly formed Conga management team will consist of people from both companies. Frank Holland, previously Chief Executive Officer from Apttus, will lead the company as Chief Executive Officer. Matthew J. Schiltz, former Chief Executive Officer of Conga, will join the Board of the company.

Nikitas Koutoupes, Managing Director at Insight Partners, the majority shareholder of Conga, will also join the Board of the company. The investor Thoma Bravo remains the leading strategic investor. Insight Partners retains a substantial stake in the company and wants to remain an active partner.

Corona crisis as a digitization accelerator

Conga also sees good growth opportunities due to the exceptional situation due to the Corona crisis, as this makes the need for accelerated digitization obvious. »The fact that digitization projects are seen as a mammoth task for many companies is understandable if you try to transform all processes at once. However, since digitization is an ongoing process that will have to be checked over and over again in the coming years and the degree of maturity reassessed with the development of new technologies, it is advisable to digitize and transform step by step ” Ash Finnegan, Digital Transformation Officer at Conga.

In their opinion, it should be checked that processes form the basis of daily work, but that they can hardly be carried out regardless of location without the appropriate tools. Then these processes should be reviewed for responsibilities and manual steps required to identify areas for improvement and unnecessary steps.

Regarding technology selection, Finnegan advises speaking to current technology providers first, as they may offer additional features that are not known and could automate or facilitate the corresponding processes. Apparently Finnegan is convinced that sooner or later companies will come back to offers from Conga - which is now even more likely with the Apttus integration.