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Motorbike comprehensive insurance

Just like any other vehicle, a so-called insurance with fully comprehensive cover can be arranged for a street-legal motorcycle. In addition to the legally required liability insurance, this also covers other damage to the vehicle. While liability insurance only covers damage caused to the vehicle of the other party in the accident, fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage to your own vehicle. In this case, questions of guilt play no role in the performance, only a possible no-claims discount is downgraded accordingly in the event of a culpable accident or a fall. The fully comprehensive insurance also covers theft of parts, assemblies or the entire machine.

The insurance premiums for motorcycles are calculated quite high and are only worthwhile if the vehicle owner has a correspondingly high discount rating with his insurer. So-called deductibles in the event of damage can effectively lower the premium to be paid. A comparison of the corresponding providers of fully comprehensive insurance for two-wheelers can be worthwhile. We therefore recommend that you always carry out an insurance comparison online. The market requires a little more research than with four-wheeled vehicles and is also less transparent. Comprehensive insurance is usually only worthwhile for very new motorcycles with a correspondingly lower discount level in the no-claims discount.

Touring motorcycles and regular road machines are often given lower tariffs by insurers than road racing machines and enduros. This is due to statistical damage frequencies and reflects the relative safety of a motorcycle. The division into performance classes according to HP or kW plays an important role in statutory liability insurance; in fully comprehensive insurance, corresponding comprehensive classifications are the essential criterion in the insurance industry. The hull classifications are based on the aforementioned statistical damage frequency of the respective motorcycle type, as is the case with cars. Experience has shown that motorcycles in the upper performance classes and very sporty vehicles are also classified in more expensive classes.

A fully comprehensive insurance for drivers license beginners and beginners on the motorcycle is something very expensive and needs to be carefully considered. The insurance coverage is the optimal one of the policies offered in terms of coverage for claims. In any case, other parameters should also be taken into account when comparing tariffs and premiums. This is, for example, the insurance benefit for damage such as vandalism, or damage caused by floods and other weather conditions. Not all insurance cover is identical to that of another insurance company. Are the touring accessories included in the insurance? Intercom systems or navigation devices, for example, can be insured with one insurer, but not necessarily with another insurer.

In the event of an accident without an opponent in the accident, i.e. in a fall situation where oil in a curve or sand on the roadway caused an accident without third-party vehicles involved in the accident, a fully comprehensive insurance applies for the damage. In the case of motorcycles that a motorcyclist rents from a professional rental company, the insurance question should be clarified before the rental if possible. Here, too, comprehensive insurance would be a very active way of limiting damage in the event of a fall or accident. A damage amount exceeding the deductible would then be covered. Please study the existing insurance coverage in your own interest and ask about it if necessary.