What is your favorite game for two people

Your favorite games - board games

We asked you about your favorite games, you answered! Here are the first four.

In our competition "What is your favorite game?" you can send us a tip for your favorite game. We have been sent a lot of great game tips, which we are now publishing.

Note: The winner will be drawn from those published at the end of the month.

Board games

Fiskeskole's tip: "Every child knows that"

My favorite game is “Every child knows that” (it's a board game that is about knowledge)!

You have to get to different levels by answering cards with questions, but you have to answer 2 questions correctly from each category (1-5 class are available as categories). If you get a question wrong, it goes back under the pile and you have to move down one space. Whoever reaches the 6th field first gets a 200,000 euro question, if he got the right one, he has won and if not, he has to go down again and someone else has the chance to win.

Michelle's tip: Who was it?

My favorite game is “Who was it?”. You move through a lock in which you have to open a few doors with keys before you can enter. The game is an electronic game from Ravensburger.
In every room there is an animal that gives you hints or tips about who the thief is. Then there are special characters, like the ghost that drives you back into the nursery, the fairy, through whom you can roll the dice again, and the evil wizard, who threatens that we won't find the ring before the end of time.

Lara's tip: Mole Company

My favorite game for the time at home is called "Mole Company". I prefer to play it with my family.

The aim of the game is to win the golden shovel by drawing numbers to get to new molehills and occupy them in order to get to the next layer of earth. We always laugh a lot together and it's a lot of fun every time, even if the game is older.

You should definitely try the game because the game idea is really great and it is a lot of fun to play, especially if you have to be at home all day.

Smarty's tip: my dream home

My favorite game is "My Dream House". Everyone has their own house. There he can determine where and which rooms come into the house. If you build several same rooms next to each other, you get more points.

At the same time you collect roofs. You try to collect as many roofs of the same color as possible so that you don't later have a roof that is red, purple, orange and brown. Each card looks different and is very detailed and beautifully drawn. The game is available in many different languages, for example German, English and Polish.

Highly recommended!

Luke's tip: Dungeons and Dragons

I really enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons! "Dungeons & Dragons" is about slipping into a completely different world, you can be a spell, warrior, scholar etc. and come up with your own background story. Your imagination knows no boundaries.

In the game itself you can then experience adventures with your friends and let the right roll of the dice cast spells or practice fighting techniques. Most of the time you fight against an opponent, but what I like about "Dungeon & Dragons" is that there is no fixed ending, you change the ending with your decisions and it never gets boring, because there are endless possibilities.

At the moment you can't meet in person, that's why we play it over Zoom or Skype! All in all, "Dungeons and Dragons" is a great game to let off steam after school and slip into another world.