Lawsuits have already been filed against Theranos

Startup founder loses $ 4.5 billion | The mega crash
by Elizabeth Holmes

From 4.5 billion to zero US dollars - and a fat lawsuit on the neck ...

Last year Elizabeth Holmes (32) was still one of the big winners of the "Forbes" list of riches, now the US magazine has written off the entrepreneur COMPLETELY for the time being.

Your assets have been revised down from an estimated 4.5 billion dollars (4.0 billion euros) to zero, the editors said on Wednesday.

Holmes founded the once highly regarded blood test startup Theranos. She has often been compared to Apple founder Steve Jobs for her ingenuity.

► In a statement, Theranos contradicted the Forbes report, which estimated the net worth of CEO Holmes at $ 0.

More about Elizabeth Holmes

False blood tests lawsuit

The Forbes rating is based solely on Holmes' 50 percent stake in Theranos, the magazine justified the estimate. In the course of investigations by the US authorities due to suspicion of careless tests and doubts in the company's alleged sales, the share is no longer worth any more, so the reasoning.

It looks bleak for Holmes anyway - Theranos will be sued!

According to the “Daily Mail” in the court file, the company endangered the health of its customers due to “massive errors” that led to the misinterpretation and lower quality of the blood tests.

The lawsuit was filed in Northern California District Court by Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP.

"Forbes" had initially estimated Theranos at nine billion dollars according to a financing round from 2014. According to the current status, the valuation would only be around $ 800 million.

In turn, Holmes should not see any of this in the event of bankruptcy, as other investors would then be given preferential treatment.

Theranos himself does not follow this line of argument and criticized the fact that the Forbes estimates were not based on any reliable data.

“As a privately held company, we refuse to share confidential information with Forbes. The article is based solely on speculation and media reports, ”Theranos fired back against Forbes, as the“ Times ”reported.

What is Holmes' invention?

The gradation by "Forbes" shows the deep fall of the company and its once celebrated founder. Theranos had raised billions from investors with the promise to revolutionize blood tests with significantly smaller samples.

Holmes had become a star in technology blogs, appeared at various conferences and was featured on magazine covers. After a series of disclosure reports, however, the US authorities are now investigating - and the future of the startup is considered uncertain.

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