Why did the Joker become a villain

From hero to villain: The celebrated “Joker” star was supposed to play Batman

Joaquin Phoenix made history in 2019 with his portrayal of the Joker in the film of the same name. But his entry into the DC Universe should take place much earlier.

It was arguably the most controversial film of the last year, if not the last few years. In “Joker” we saw the unsuccessful party clown Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) evolve into Gotham City's most dangerous villain. Riddled with the psychological decline of the antagonist and humorous pinches in sometimes morally wrong places, the film was a success, for which Joaquin Phoenix even won an Oscar in February 2020.

But the role of evil was not actually planned as the actor's first contact with the DC universe. "Black Swan" director Darren Aronofsky said in an interview with Empire that he wanted to use the actor much earlier in a "Batman" film adaptation in the role of Bruce Wayne. But Warner Bros. had other plans for the cast: “The studio wanted Freddie Prinze Jr. and I wanted Joaquin Phoenix [...]. I remember thinking: 'Oh oh, we're doing two completely different films here.' "

The Joker is arguably one of the most complex villains in the comic world. We have summarized the most interesting facts for you:

Aronofsky's "Batman" was planned as a dark version

And Aronofsky was absolutely right in this assessment. Freddie Prinze Jr. was known for films like "I Know What You Did Last Summer", "One Like No One" and "Scooby-Doo" in the 2000s. Even if these roles made him successful, the actor would not have suited the character that Aronofsky had planned for "Batman": "The Batman that I wrote was a completely different character than was ultimately wanted."

Of course, it's not surprising that the director of Requiem for a Dream wanted to spin a much darker story about Batman. As he revealed in the interview, he also planned to fundamentally link his version with Frank Miller's comic "Batman: The First Year", in which the Dark Knight fights evil in Gotham City for the first time as Batman. However, the director did not want to leave it at that, instead taking additional elements from Martin Scorsese's work “Taxi Driver”, for example, which combines motifs such as loneliness and violence.

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The fact that he wanted to be related to the comic version is also due to Aronofsky's admiration for the author: "It was an impressive thing because I was a big fan of his comic work, meeting him was very exciting for me." that the director had for the hero were almost too gloomy even for Frank Miller himself.

With "The Batman" Aronofsky's wish could come true

When Warner Bros. finally hired Christopher Nolan instead of Darren Aronofsky, it became a complete success. The latter has also based his “Dark Knight” trilogy on the aforementioned “Batman” comic. But since the film studio has now decided on a new film adaptation of Gotham City's heroes with “The Batman”, a completely new version was also decided at the same time, which is perhaps not entirely dissimilar to Aronofsky's.

We can still look forward to some DC films. You can find out what to expect in the future in the video:

Director Matt Reeves takes a different look at Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) with his work on "The Batman". The film is about Wayne's inner conflict, his own good side and his dark self. While fans are already making many assumptions as to whether and to what extent the film will be based on the comics, Reeves is still shrouding himself in secrets.

Although Aronofsky's idea was not implemented at the time, there seems to be a fascination for a dark tale about the Dark Knight to this day. Even if Joaquin Phoenix would have been an exciting cast for Batman, we are curious to see how Robert Pattinson will fare in the new film adaptation. Unfortunately, due to the corona virus, it is not yet certain whether we can expect the film in German cinemas as planned in summer 2021.

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