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Buma - the reservation system

The booking mask (Buma) is a full-fledged reservation system with which you can make inquiries and bookings with the tour operator online. With the help of the Buma you can send data to the organizer's computer in a form specified by the organizer and receive an answer within a few seconds. This electronic communication helps you to advise your customers more efficiently and easily and to carry out bookings quickly without great effort.

As a fast and very reliable reservation system for package tours, hotel services and charter flights, you can use the Buma to carry out inquiries and bookings with currently more than 100 tour operators and service providers. You can also conveniently incorporate additional services, such as insurance or rental cars, or the forwarding of customer requests to the organizer, into your booking and thus provide the customer with optimal and comprehensive advice.
The Buma is part of your LMplus, EasyWeb, LMweb, XML license and can also be used as a standalone solution.

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BUMA your comprehensive reservation system

Basic price for a license per month 10,00 €

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