What are the narcissists' preferred manipulation tactics

These are the 5 most painful things narcissists will do to you

If you've had a normal relationship and end up breaking up with your partner, in the worst case scenario, it leaves you with a broken heart. If you've been with a narcissist, a broken heart is only a minor matter, because you have to struggle with completely different painful things that you usually only become aware of after the relationship.

Narcissists don't just leave your heart broken - although that would be bad enough. The consequences of this relationship are usually much more devastating. These are the 5 most painful things narcissists will do to you:

1. Humiliation

If you disagree with them, they will do whatever they can to punish you and criticize you in a way that makes you feel worthless. Suddenly all of your qualities that they said they love are now problems for them. In this way, they are trying to regain your affection.

Narcissists humiliate their victims, and most of the time they do it in such a way that the victim doesn't even notice. Narcissists have low self-esteem but pretend to be overly confident. To increase their own self-esteem, they try to pull you down so you can get to their level and make them feel better about themselves. Humiliation is their strategy to stop feeling so bad about themselves. They don't care whether the partner suffers from it or not. Read Also (These 15 Lies A Narcissist Will Tell You To Keep You With Them)

2. Gas lighting

One of the main character traits of the narcissist is that they hate criticism. Anything that threatens them and destroys their imagination is confronted with extreme defensiveness, denial, anger, insults, etc. One of their favorite manipulation tactics is gaslighting. Gaslighting is a form of intimidation and emotional abuse in which the narcissist tries to make his victim doubt his own memory, perfection, and even sanity.

So he denies everything that the partner accuses him of. He will deny anything ever happened and tell you that you are just imagining these things! He will say that there are certain things he never said and that you would be so sensitive to anything. The narcissist's goal is to make his victim doubt his own perception of reality. Read Also (According to Psychologists, 23 Things Narcissists Hate and Fear Most)

3. Feelings of guilt

One of the narcissist's greatest talents is his ability to get his victims to do what they want. Day in, day out, the narcissist will insert little confessions of guilt to make you feel bad about not doing what he wants. He will say things like, "If you really cared about me, you would do this or that."

If you have a narcissist in your life, sit back and think about how much of your relationship is guilt! How often do you feel bad for something that wasn't your fault at all. Any interaction will be littered with guilt. Every call, every text and every conversation involves feelings of guilt. You will never be able to do enough to keep the narcissist happy. There is still something to be done! Read Also (5 Signals That You Have Developed Post-Narcissistic Stress Disorder)

4. A changed personality

Narcissists punish their victims for their success. This causes their victims to associate their joys, interests, talents, and areas of success with cruel and callous treatment and give up on them. They fear success and lose their motivation.

As a result, victims become depressed, anxious, have no trust and can hide from the spotlight and allow their abusers to steal the show from them over and over again. Realize that your abuser does not support you because he genuinely believes you are inferior.It is because your successes threaten his control of you. Narcissists want to completely destroy you and end up changing your personality. Maybe you were previously a cheerful and optimistic person and after this experience with the narcissist you are just a wreck that nobody can trust anymore. Then he left a permanent mark on your personality.

5. The loss of your faith

You will likely be more aware of your mistakes and failures after you've been or are still with a narcissist, including those that don't exist. You always try to adapt to the narcissist's demands, which has now become a habit. It will take time and effort to retrain all of this to find yourself again. You have probably forgotten how to meet your own needs or put yourself first.

You have lost faith - in yourself and in the world of men. This healing process after the time you've been with the narcissists will take a while. It will feel like you are down and can never trust anyone again. You think that you are not worth loving and that you will never again find someone who sees something good in you. You have suffered so much damage from the narcissist that you believe no one will ever appreciate you again. You believe deep down that your heart will be broken again anyway. Probably the worst thing for you is that you think that you will never find true love because you don't deserve it.

You have to realize that this is not true. It only happens in your mind because the narcissist planted those thoughts in your head. Stop letting him determine and control you. Get rid of him and his mind games. You deserve to be loved and you are adorable, here is my narcissism guide (click here)