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100 quick questions for Felix Lobrecht

Monday, October 8, 2018 | Text: Jasmin Klein | Image: Oliver Köhler

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Since January 2017 he has been on Stand Up Comedy stages, since September 2017 he has been doing the most successful podcast in Germany, "Mixed Hack" (together with comedy author Tommi Schmitt). He was a guest for the preview of his new show HYPE for one evening at COMEDIA and on October 7, 2018 he was voted Newcomer of the Year at the German Comedy Prize.

We met the shooting star of the German stand up comedy scene before his appearance in his cloakroom. Also in the room: his brother Julian, who drives Felix Lobrecht, who is (currently) without a license, through Germany. Felix sits on the windowsill and smokes homemade rolls, I'm sitting on the couch in front of him, the notebook with the questions in hand.

"I was told you had 15 minutes, so I thought I would ask you 100 extra questions."

"We're going through them."
“Oh, I think that's funny. Simply answer quickly and associatively? Find ick jut. "
Felix is ​​up for it. Good prerequisites for this experiment of a question marathon.

My Südstadt partner
Success coach - Felix Hardt
Felix Hardt is a success coach and helps people to find their individual path to success and a happy and fulfilling life ...

1. Horror film or comedy?

2. Netflix or Amazon?

3. Poetry or Stand Up?
Stand up.

4. Facebook or Instagram?

5. Book or podcast?
Audio book.

6. Drive the car yourself or have it driven?
If I could drive, drive myself, but I also like to be chauffeured.

7. Tea or Coffee?

8. Wine or champagne?

9. Guitar or drums?

10. Nas or Drake?
Both, I can't decide. One is my childhood hero, the other my now hero.

11. Ringelnatz or Kästner?
Kastner. You mean Erich Kästner, the author? Yes, Kästner.

12. Aldi or Lidl?
Rewe. laughs.

13. How do you describe your earrings?
Pretty amazing.

14. Who gave you your earrings?
I myself.

15. Do you take your headdress out at night?
Mmmmh. (nods)

16. Which tattoo do you like most?
I only have one. This one (points to his arm).

17. Which fashion do you wear the most?
Yes, datt what I wear: fresh.

18. When was the last time you ate a currywurst?
Currywurst? Can't be more than a week ago.

19. Berliner Weisse, red or green?

20. Berlin West or East?

21. What is your most Berlin side?
blows air through the cheeks I'm a choleric.

That was a smooth, quick start. Let's get to comedy.

22. Which comedian did you laugh very loudly at last?
Tino Bomelino and Torsten Sträter. And Louis C.K., today!

23. Which comedian did you last see live?
Kawus Kalantar, my newcomer, Tino Bomelino and Sträter.

24. Most underrated stand up comedian?
He's not underrated, he's just not known yet: Kawus Kalantar.

25. Who is the greatest living stand up comedian?
Louis C.K.

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26. Why aren't women funny?
I don't find women not funny, there are only a few women in the comedy business. In percentage terms, they're just as good or sucks as men.

27. Are you the new Mario Barth?
Grinning: Nah, I'm a lot better.

28. Your favorite Hessian word (Red .: he studied in Marburg):
Here he comes to life: “Guude!” “Babble” is also funny! “I give you angry” I think it's good.

Keywords for self-assessment: 10 is maximum, 1 minimum talent

29. Felix, the organizational talent
Organizing is actually possible, right? (looks at his brother) I would give myself a 7.

30. Felix, the author
I would give myself a 9.

31. Felix the driver
I would give myself a 10, but Germany sees it differently. I don't even have a driver's license.

32. Felix, the understanding of women
Hesitates. We'll quickly get into the Mario Barth track, that's why I say 5. giggles

33. Felix the gangster
Nah, I'm not a gangster. I give myself a 2.

34. Felix, the poetry slammer
I give myself a 10, but I don't do it anymore.

35. Felix, the stand up comedian
I give myself a 11.

36. Your qualities as a coffee maker?
I worked in a cafe for a long time. I would give myself a 9.

37 Your qualities as a joke teller?
Such jokes? I'm not good at that. No, I'll give myself a 2.

38. How long have you been doing muscle sports?
Since I was 15 years old.

39. How many pounds do you lift?
I'm not that good anymore, I've broken down. Maybe 100 kilos, but it was a lot more.

40. How do you do sport on tour?
I mostly sleep in hotels that have a gym.

41. Kölsch or Pils?

42. Bläck Fööss or Höhner?
I don't know either.

43. How many Veedel are there in Cologne?
How many watts?
How many Veedel?
I'll just say: 34.
There are 86!
86? You're crazy!

44. In which quarter are we here?
Südstadt, huh?

45. Have you ever eaten the Podolski doner kebab?
Nah, I want to do it! For next time: Garlic-spicy-salad-everything.

46. ​​Have you ever celebrated the Cologne Carnival?

47. How much do you love Cologne?
After Berlin, Cologne would actually be the city I would move to if I had to move within Germany.

48. Was it difficult to get a publisher for your first book?
It was actually rather difficult to decide which one to take - I was very lucky!

49. Is the second book easier or more difficult to write than the first?
Both. Easier because I have more experience and harder because I know how much work it is and there are expectations that weren't there before.

50. Why do you have to wear short shirts when writing a script?
Note: In his Instastories you saw him working with a short-shirted man (screenwriter David Wnendt) on his screenplay for his novel "Sonne und Beton".
I want to ask David that too. I think he's pissing off Pablo Escobar a bit.

51. How bad would it be if you had to delete Instagram?
Wow, worse than I'll admit, probably.

52. Whose instastories do you like to watch?
Hmm Tommi Schmitt is funny. Tino Bomelino, when he does some (but he rarely does it), is funny. I don't follow many. I don't do Instagram a lot to play around with, I actually only do it for advertising and ego-boosting.

53. Whose instastories are you looking at even though you don't want to look at them?
So ex-girlfriend-like? From Sophie Passmann. She's a friend of mine, but I hate what she does on the internet.

54. What was the first podcast you subscribed to?
The wondrous rap week with Mauli & Staiger.

55. Which podcast do you listen to besides Mixed Hack?
I only listen to mixed hacking in order to check a little what we were talking about. I listen to Rapwoche, Comedy Gold by Thomas Spitzer and Thomas Schmidt, and Deutschlandradio Wissen Nerdkram.

56. Who came up with the idea to do the podcast?
It was a synergetic decision. We talked on the phone, thought it was funny and thought it might be funny for others too. But you have to say: Tommi had the drive to actually implement it.

57. How many listeners do you have?
I don't know the Spotify numbers, but something between 50,000 and 100,000 a week.

58. Why do people hear that?
Because it's fucking funny.

59. How do you know Tommi Schmitt?
Met at the aftershow after XXL Night 2016, and met at Night Wash beforehand, he's the author of Luke (Mockridge, Red's note) amongst other things.

60. Alcohol before the performance?

61. Eat after the performance?
Most of the time yes. I can't eat or drink alcohol before the performance.

62. Is slam poetry hip hop without music?
Decided: No! Poetry slam is nothing.

63. Why did you start with a poetry slam?
I slipped into it so much, and the possibilities the format offers you, namely simply performing in front of a relatively large audience and often, is a really cool thing, and I met really cool people there. But I think 97% of all contributions that take place at poetry slams are shit.

64. Why did you start stand up comedy?
Because I always only wrote funny stuff at slams, and that was just the logical step to choose the form of presentation where you can earn infinitely more money with one and the same skill set.

65. Where do you have more sex: as a poetry slammer or as a stand-up comedian?
Grins: I had a lot of sex even before I got on stage. Famer (dt: famous) becomes a comedian.

66. What's the best thing about touring?
Nice hotels, fits of laughter with my brother, and the demeanor for sure.

67. What's the best side of fame?
Think briefly. The ego thing.
His brother calls in: Money!
Money and ego thing.

68. Which TV show would you like to moderate?
Absolutely none.

69. What is the best age to become famous?
I think from my mid-twenties. Too early is bad, and too late, one has lived in poverty for too long. That's shit too.

70. Why is Julian not on stage?
I ask myself that too sometimes. My first appearance was also his first appearance. Only it was his only one, and afterwards I was hooked on the stage thing.

71. Is it fun to be Felix Lobrecht?
Mumbles: Yes.

72. Which book are you reading at the moment?
To be honest: none. I can't read.

73. What do you usually do before going to sleep?
Listen to or watch something.

74. Which celebrities would you like to get to know?
There are many. I think I'd like to chill out with Kanye West. I would have a beer with Drake one day. And I would want to meet Rihanna too.

75. Which culture would you like to belong to?
I definitely belong to hip hop. I grew up with hip-hop, did breakdancing for a long time, always heard that. Hip-hop is a lifestyle, it's definitely mine. But I don't have any complexes that I want to belong to. I am very happy.

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76. Which work of art would you like to own?
A good question. I always don't know the names. My aunt paints very cool pictures, in fact, she is an artist, and I have a picture of her hanging, a second she is currently framing me. I'm pretty happy with that. But I don't know my way around well enough to name any painter and the work that goes with it. Yeah, I'd take the Mona Lisa because it's fucking expensive. Then I would be rich.

77. Which alcohol has the best effect?
Mmm. I don't drink a lot, but when I do drink I've mostly drank beer. Then Havana Cola, Cuba libre, but I'm a little bit too tired of both. Champagne is such a great high, but it also gives you a really bad headache. Good vodka lemon is my thing right now.

78. When was the last time you went to the cinema?
It's been forever. I don't like going to the cinema. Ah, yes: Deadpool 2 in England a month and a half ago.

79. What was the nicest vacation you have ever been on?
I think when I was 15 with my father and brother in Croatia.

80. Which author do you admire most?
Which author do I admire most? Considered. Well I can not answer. I liked Daniel Kehlmann, the books that I read ...
I'm not that kind of a novelist. Most of the time I read scientific crap, so science nonsense. Robert Shiller is an economist from the USA - he's awesome. Daniel Kahnemann “Thinking, fast and slow” is also a great book.
I haven't read enough to give a meaningful answer. But how Marc-Uwe Kling markets himself and how he manages to remain relevant for so long without having to adjust or bend, I find that impressive. Without being a fan now.

81. Which politician do you admire most?
Gysi. He's cool, approachable and human and still has a lot of knowledge, is not so radically unworldly left, but still social, progressive - I think Gysi is a good man. Obama's too, of course.

82. How often does your cleaning help come?
Every two weeks.

83. Your favorite Beatles song?
Pff. Never heard. I'll say "Can't buy me love". Is that from the Beatles? I think The Doors are awesome; The Doors, Nirvana and Marilyn Manson. That's the only rock I hear The three bands.

84. Which song do you sing at karaoke?
None at all.

85. Have you ever sung karaoke?
Yes, I've really lost my way. Because I sang “Butterfly” from such a one-hit wonder: “Come my lady, come come my lady ..”. Everyone knows the hook, and if you're drunk, you think it's going to be funny. But the verse is overly complicated. That was my only experience with karaoke, and after that I thought to myself, "Nah, we're not going to do that again."

86. Have you ever performed abroad?
Does Switzerland count? Then yes.

87. When was the last time you saw your father?
Two or three weeks ago. We see each other regularly. Best man.

88. When was the last time you broke the law?
Now stupid what to say huh? It wasn't that long ago.

89. To whom do you still have to apologize?
There are sure to be a few. I'll just say: a big sorry for a second one!

90. Who can you ring the doorbell at five in the morning?
My brother, everyone in my family, ditt is easy now, watt ick take out of me as a family member. Yes, and when the going gets tough, so do my buddies. Just my close environment. They just have to stand at attention. I would do it too.

91. When was the last time you felt like an idiot?
When I wanted to open my window, but it was already tilted, and then it came towards me, and then I stood so strangely with the window in my arms, and then I embarrassed myself in front of myself.

92. Would you like to be 18 again?
No. No way!

93. Which woman would you like to meet in heaven?
When in doubt, the answer is always Rihanna.

94. Which dish can you always eat?
Bolognese, spaghetti Bolognese, but only good ones. Not such a € 4.30 shit.

95. What is the name of your best friend?
All over, I would say: Sven.
With Z?
With double Z. TZ.

96. What pets did you have?
As a child we supposedly had a dog.
What does 'allegedly' mean?
Laughs with his brother.
But I only have vague memories of it. And then later a cat. Kattcar. Rest in peace, dude.

97. When does puberty end?
Well, de facto at 18.19. In practice, to be honest, I don't really know. I think if you do an apprenticeship at 16, then at 17 you no longer have any joy in life. Or, Julian?
Everybody is laughing. Felix corrects: Oh no, you did your apprenticeship after graduation, huh?
Julian: At 22!

98. When was the last time you fought?
Wow, that was a while ago. A few years ago.

99. What is the name of your hairdresser?
Like shot from a pistol: Ali.

100. What is your favorite memory of your childhood?
Think longer: I actually had a lovely childhood overall. I can't limit it to one thing now. Or? Can you think of anything (he asks Julian). What was my fondest memory?
Julian: I do not know.
Felix: I do not know either.
Julian: When you won the Berlinale championship?
Felix: I wasn't born in Berlin, we only moved here when my mother died. It was in Münster, where I was born and lived there for three years. And then we moved to Berlin because my father is from Berlin. During the move, I drove to Berlin with my father at night, and I was allowed to stay up late. I got a bounty at a rest stop at night, but a double one. That was pretty nice.

That was it.
That was cool. That is fun. This is really much better than "where do your ideas come from".

Thank you for getting involved in the experiment.

Felix Lobrecht on the web on Instagram & felixlobrecht.de

Text: Jasmin Klein

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