What does brand portfolio mean


Brand portfolio
Several brands on one level
The management of Brand portfolios is understood as the management of horizontal brand structures. The brands are on one level and have no subordinate or superordinate relationships, as is the case with brand architectures.

As the Brand portfolio of a company depends on the philosophy, the strategy and the short-term and long-term goals of the respective company.
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When structuring a suitable brand architecture, it is very important that the Brand portfolio is equipped with an optimal architecture.

(Brand Portfolio Strategy)

A ~-Strategy requires decisions about the interaction of all brands offered by a company (the ~) from the point of view of the customer.

The ~, for example strategic brands, future brands, prestige brands etc.
Dynamic brand strategies are brand transfer, brand restructuring, new brands, cleanups and brand changes.

The different levels of the brand hierarchy (e.g. brand house, sub-brands, recommendation brands, house of the brand).
The ~, for example strategic brands, future brands, prestige brands etc.

This includes 123 regionally strategic individual brands such as Herta, Findus, Vittel, Thomy, followed by a further 700 locally strategic individual brands such as Incarom, Cailler or Hirz. Most of the ~However, s consists of over 7600 non-strategic brands that form the basis of the pyramid.

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