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Faculty of Minden Campus

At the Minden campus of the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, around 1,500 students are enrolled in twelve courses in the fields of architecture, construction, IT and engineering. In addition to the classic full-time degree in computer science, architecture, civil engineering, construction project management and infrastructure engineering, other study models are also offered.

In the practice-integrated degree courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering, practical phases in the company alternate with theoretical phases at the university.

For all Bachelor graduates there are advanced Master’s courses, such as Integral Building, the Master’s Computer Science and the part-time Master’s Integrated Technology and System Development.

Further information on the courses in Minden can be found here.


Campus Minden Film for prospective students

If you want to get a place in architecture on the Minden campus in the winter semester, you have to go through an artistic and creative aptitude assessment procedure for the first time from June 1 to 14.


From Tuesday, May 25th to Saturday, May 29th, the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences invites you to an online information week.

Over 120 digital information events, taster lectures, laboratory tours and podcasts provide an insight into the courses, provide information on how to finance your studies, or invite you to talk to students.