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The top 99 Shopify apps for your Shopify store

So you've chosen Shopify to host your online store? Nice choice! Now you want to improve the visibility and usability of your business. If you want to find out which are the best free Shopify apps for your Shopify store, read on. Shopify has a reputation for being the best ecommerce solution thanks to a sleek layout, simple functionality, and great customer service. (Check out our page to see why we love it!)

Because of this, over 800,000 online businesses have already chosen Shopify for their ecommerce needs. The good news is that with Shopify, you don't have to spend hours working with code to have a great looking and functional store. They offer themes with a lot of built-in features that are easy to customize. If you think your business is a little too simple, or you want it to look a little funnier and more personal, you can use the apps specially designed by Shopify to make it happen. There are hundreds of plug-in features (many of which were created by third-party developers) in the Shopify App Store that you can install right into your store. Some of them are free, but many come with a price. We went through the options to find the best Shopify apps that can make your store easier to use.

Marketing Apps


Privy is a great way to add pop-ups and exit intent banners to your email marketing list. There is a free plan or a growth plan that has more features. There is also an email feature that allows you to use emails, newsletters and more to exit the cart.

Coupon Pop

With Coupon Pop you can offer your customers a promotion if you want to follow them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or sign up for your newsletter. This gives you valuable customer information, marketing information and improves your followers, likes and visibility in your selected social networks.


Yotpo is a product and photo rating generator. The system will automatically send review request emails to your previous clients. You can publish their reviews on social networks and thus increase their visibility. You can also post the reviews on your Facebook and Twitter profiles to generate new traffic and sales. With the recent acquisition of SMSBUmp, the app can now collect reviews, photos and videos via SMS to leverage this channel's higher engagement and generate more UGC. Yotpo is completely free and helps you harness the power of social media to build trust in your brand.


With over 800 reviews and a 4.4-star rating in the App Store, Klaviyo is designed to help free-to-install marketing software companies grow: it helps retailers regain lost sales, better engage customers, and use data to make better decisions .

Klaviyo helps companies create memorable experiences across their own marketing channels - email, SMS, web and in-app notifications - by listening to and understanding cues from visitors, subscribers and customers and converting that information into valuable, converts relevant news.

Mailchimp forms

This great app is a great way to add different forms of Mailchimp to your Shopify store. Mailchimp by MailMunch provides your business with tools that you can use to grow your email subscribers and convert them into customers. Now people will find your shop, view your products, and subscribe to your newsletter via email - all for free! Paid plans are also available with advanced features like email notifications and analytics.

easy redirects

This app handles bulk 301 redirects to make your 404 errors hassle-free. On the paid plan, 404s are automatically tracked and notified to you so you can manage them on an ongoing basis. You can also create redirect patterns to effectively automate your redirects for you.

Smile - ok

This app ranges from free for the basic iteration to $ 599 per month for the Pro version. Merchants can use it to create customized loyalty programs with points, referrals and VIP levels.

Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion is another great app for businesses to create loyalty programs for your customers. It's also a great way to get customers back to your website, make repeat purchases, recommend their friends and family, leave reviews, and embed yourself on social media.


Abandon Aid sends a personalized email to customers who have almost, but not quite, bought from you. Sometimes, if they left something in their shopping cart, it just takes an extra nudge to convince them to come back and buy. This app helps save those orders.

Email pirate

Email Pirate enables businesses to get more email addresses from customers who visit your Shopify store. To do this, the app collects the customer data and adds it to your email newsletter database. The app also includes exit popups and discount coupon functions.

Zoho Survey

With this free app, merchants can create customer feedback surveys to help them make business decisions.

Wishlist + Save for later

With this app, customers can save products for later, so they are just one click away from buying them later. Plus, unlimited wishlist can be created and shared on social media for free marketing! The app lets you see what's being added or deleted for insights into product demand and popularity.

Sales apps

Bulk edit tags

Quickly add, remove, or replace your product labels in bulk to reduce the time it takes to change details in the back end of your business and instead focus on increasing sales.


If you want to increase your average order value, this app works wonders. You can use it to create offers to increase the value of your sales (e.g., "Customers who buy X will often buy Y" or "Spend another $ xx to qualify for free shipping"). Offers can appear on the product page or at the checkout!

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is an iOS and Android-based app that lets you sell your products in stores and markets, pop-up shops, trade shows and elsewhere. It integrates everything from your product inventory to your payment system on one unified platform, so you can take your company with you wherever you go! With the card reader you can make payments by debit, credit card, Apple and Android Pay.


Nosto is a great app that allows you to personalize your customers' shopping experience. From on-site product recommendations and content personalization to pop-ups, emails, and on-site social ads, everything is included.

Sales Reps Commission Manager

With this clever app, you can get a deeper insight into the performance of each of your sales reps by showing the actual orders and sales amounts they are generating! Analyzing trends is easy, as is calculating and paying commissions to keep the team motivated and improve performance.

Out of Stock 1

This powerful Shopify app sends your customers inventory notifications when the selected items are back in stock. Customers can choose to receive email, SMS or push notifications when items are out of stock. So you don't have to miss out on the sale if your inventory is temporarily depleted.

Ultimate sales boost

Set up a countdown timer and low inventory countdowns to encourage the "fear of missing out". It's a great app if you're doing flash sales or doing BFCM / Christmas promotions or other time sensitive deals.

Woo Hoo!

This app uses gamification to encourage your website visitors to spin the wheel to try and win a prize like a discount. In return, they will receive your email address.


Get Affiliate Marketing Without Joining An Affiliate Agency! With this app, you can set up an affiliate system in minutes so your Shopify store can make lots of sales.

Order printer

Shopify's order printer app is free and easy to set up. Quickly print custom packing slips, invoices, labels or receipts for all of your orders. Print documents in bulk or one at a time as needed.

Collection filter

Make it easier for your customers to buy from you with this app. Create filters that customers can use to find products by type, vendor, size, color, and custom options. Automatic filters can be easily created and sort products based on the information in the product description. You can also create manual filters to support custom sorting options.

Social photos

Increase your brand credibility with this great app! Use a website widget or hashtags to compile and present your customers' product photos from social networks to build trust and credibility.


Flexify syncs your products with the Facebook product catalog to create dynamic product ads. It takes a lot of manual work away, works across devices and always stays up to date.

Social media stream

This app lets you stream all of your social media in one widget, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to Pinterest and Tumblr. Pictures, videos or text, this app does it all. Variable price plans with different functions available.

Happy birthday email

The Happy Birthday app is a great way to drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers with a timely birthday incentive or discount for your business. Start the default settings or adapt the subject line, email message, logo and colors to your brand.


Show your Instagram content in your store to build social evidence and convert more business visitors into customers. Starting with a free plan, there are paid versions if you like the app and want to upgrade its scope and functionality.

Twitter auto posting

Increase your brand reach with this app that publishes new products on your Twitter account. Schedule posts however you want to promote your products and offers. The developer says if the app doesn't pay for itself within 2 months, they'll reimburse you for the cost of the app.


Make it easy for customers to buy your Instagram posts and UGC in the most relevant places on your website with this app. Find important brand attorneys, fans and influencers and follow their Instagram posting activities so you don't miss a post.

Social login

With Social Login, you can use a social media login button right in your store that doesn't have long registration forms, so your customers can track / like and share your posts without the long task of filling in lots of unnecessary fields.

Fera Social Proof

Social evidence is known to improve credibility and increase conversions. This app helps display content like testimonials and ratings while allowing you to customize the look and feel of your social content on site.


With Outfy, you can vastly improve the social reach of your business to attract more visitors and ultimately increase sales of your products. Outfy helps you promote your products on up to 12 social networks and reach thousands of potential customers. You can even automate the process to save time.

AddThis sharing tool

With the AddThis Sharing Tool, your customers can share posts they have seen in your store and have them marketed effectively on your behalf. It also connects easily with all major social networks.

Shipping apps


With this intuitive web-based shipping solution for online retailers, you can synchronize all your orders from multiple sales channels in one place. You can also print job tickets and automatically update the job status.

Shipping easy

ShippingEasy makes shipping easy indeed. It automates the process including label printing, inventory management, suppliers and orders, product catalog optimization, and automated emails including cart abandonment.

After ship

Keep an eye on your shipments with AfterShip. This very clever shipping app allows store owners to track their products to make sure they arrive on time. You can even filter your shipments by date, status, courier and destination.


OrderCup lets you print USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and UKMail shipping labels in batches or individually, and automatically update your Shopify orders.


Shippo integrates with your Shopify orders so that, as a Shopify store owner, you can print custom order labels. All you have to do is enter the dimensions of the package, pick-up date, service type and courier service and your label will be printed in seconds.


ShipStaion simplifies the shipping process for Shopify merchants. The app can be integrated into couriers and online platforms and combines various functions in its app, e.g. B. order processing, the creation of shipping labels and customer communication in a user-friendly, web-based interface.

Store PickUp

Allow your customers to visit your local store to pick up their orders so they can experience more than just your online store.


Send all your products worldwide with this ingenious shipping app. Shipwire has centers around the world. Therefore, ship from the US to the UK in the most reliable and trustworthy way possible.


ShipWorks makes it easy for all Shopify merchants to ship products. This streamlined delivery service takes the burden off you from processing orders and compares prices between carriers to ensure you get the best deal.

Trackiest Shipping Tracking

Tired of customer inquiries about the unknown order status? Automatically notify customers of the order status and allow them to check it themselves on a special "Track Your Order" page in your store.

Increase customer satisfaction and save time and money on customer service.

Zen stores

With Zenstores, Shopify store owners can connect all sales channels, print custom order labels and bill invoices from all orders in one place. It also integrates with all of the UK's leading shipping providers and couriers.

Inventory apps


Create and manage orders from one place. Communicate more effectively with your suppliers. Do you know which products are the most profitable and which ones to reorder and when.

Give employees full visibility of all your locations and warehouses. Employees can use a barcode scanner to receive and place inventory quickly and accurately.

Metafields Editor

This app allows you to add additional custom data in your Shopify store. Metafields can be used in Products, Variants, Collections, Customers, Orders, Pages, Blogs, and Articles. You can also create, add and change metafields in your store.


Dubbed the "all-in-one inventory, order management, and shipping" app, this app isn't cheap, starting at $ 500 a month. However, it offers everything you need to carry out fulfillment operations: inventory, order management, picking / packaging / shipping on returns & reports.

eBay Connect

Shopify store owners who also sell on eBay have the option to finally manage their inventory in one place with the eBay Connect app. This app allows store owners to list all of their Shopify apps on eBay.

Stock sync

Manage all your inventory from your warehouse to your supplier in one place with the innovative inventory sync inventory app.


With Sellbrite, Shopify store owners can sell their products in one place across all platforms including Amazon, eBay and Etsy, and have all of their inventory synced! Four plans offer a variety of options for businesses of different sizes.

Delivery date range

This app shows estimated delivery dates on product pages, builds trust, prevents complaints and keeps customers on the product page instead of looking for delivery estimates.

Zero out

This is a great app that every warehouse manager should have! Zero Out automatically hides products so customers don't see items they can't buy.

Wholesale Club

With Wholesale Club you can quickly and easily offer registered, marked customers exclusive wholesale prices directly in your Shopify shop. The Wholesale Club creates multiple and flexible discount rates with the highest level of specificity - right down to the product variant.

Shipping easy

This app works for businesses of all sizes - it helps set up, print labels, and save money while improving the customer experience!


With Skubana, you can use an all-in-one e-commerce operating software that manages your entire business in one place. It acts as the central nervous system of your operations. It combines all the tools you need to run your business, automates repetitive tasks and even thinks about profitability, forecasting and demand planning.

Accounting apps

QuickBooks Bridge

Automatically sync your Shopify data with your QuickBooks Online account with this nifty app. You can choose the time to sync or ask for it manually if necessary.

It syncs customers, products, and orders from Shopify with QuickBooks Online.

Xero Bridge

This is by the same app developer as QuickBooks Bridge and does essentially the same job but bridging it to your Xero account.

Xero Integrator

Connect multiple Shopify stores to a single Xero organization with this app, designed "with a special focus on correct tax treatment" to provide full tax support - US and Canadian sales tax (including county / municipal / provincial tax), Australian & New Zealand GST, UK & European VAT ".


This integration app connects Shopify with the leading ERP and accounting packages such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and SL, Sage 50, 100, 300 and 500, NetSuite, QuickBooks, SAP Business One, Epicor Enterprise and many others.

Sage Accountin EMEAA

With this app you can connect your business to Sage Accounting and save time and money. Store owners can share data between popular accounting, e-commerce, fulfillment, CRM, billing / invoicing, and email marketing applications.

Customer service apps

Abandonment Protector

This app is a great and effective way to ensure you can recover abandoned carts to increase sales using email marketing atomation and exit intent popups.

Clicklist return center

This returns management app, which can be installed free of charge, improves your returns experience, gives customers the confidence to buy and ensures that they keep coming back.

Gorgia's help desk

Gorgias is an ecommerce store help desk service that allows your customer service team to manage all of your support in one place. The app reduces the first response time of the ticket and increases the efficiency of customer support.

Using Gorgias gives your team a true all-in-one help desk experience via email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram. Contact us in a unified view to optimize your support tickets and save time and money.

Contact Forms 1

This app gives you complete control over your business forms. Create your contact forms exactly how you want them! Choose from text boxes, text boxes, file uploads, dropdowns, check boxes, and radio buttons. Comes with a 7 day free trial and then only $ 4 per month.

POWr survey

Improve your customer experience and increase customer satisfaction with this app so that you are always informed about trends. Add surveys or surveys anywhere on your Shopify website, email them to improve customer service, or get feedback right at the Shopify POS during checkout!


All of your Shopify customers can get real-time updates on the status of their order until they are reached with this great app.

FAQ from POWr

Create, organize and display frequently asked questions on each of your pages.

Trust badge

With this app you can easily drag and drop your trust cards into your shop. Just hover over the area where you want the badges to be placed and click. Increases customer trust and the credibility of your brand.

Net Promoter Score

Long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction are closely linked. With this free app you can monitor the overall customer satisfaction of your business and see how each individual customer rated their interaction with your company. Find out which of your existing customers are unhappy and at risk of churn, and take the opportunity to show them that you care.

Octane Al Messenger & SMS

Octane AI is a platform for Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing, retargeting and support that integrates seamlessly with Shopify.

Run and schedule marketing campaigns with Click-to-Messenger ads, sponsored messages, Facebook comment capture, and SMS or Facebook messenger messages.


This app doesn't have many reviews at the time of writing, but we like the concept: it allows your customers to process orders and reorders with one click, increase customer satisfaction, and increase sales by increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Report apps

Lucky Orange for Shopify Lucky Orange lets you see exactly how many visitors are leaving your store without buying anything and why.

Data export

Sales reports, tax reports, cost of sales reports, POS reports, custom fields and more are all possible through this clever app that allows you to automate, adjust, summarize and analyze all the data (2000 data fields) in your store.

Kmetric Analytics

Understand when, where and how your sales are generated with a customized and simplified dashboard for Shopify stores.


Track who comes into your store and every move until you check out at Kissmetrics. With this great app, you can even see what they're giving back and why! With this app you can easily integrate yourself into Kissmetrics.

Postscript SMS & MMs Marketing

Postscript is a powerful, easy-to-use marketing platform for Shopify SMS and MMS.

Send SMS campaigns and see your customers' responses, create marketing automations and generate new income. Live chat with your customers to increase the LTV and repeat the purchase rate.

Analytics Buddy

With the Analytics Buddy, you can get all analytics data from your Shopify administrator whenever you need it for any part of your business.

Announcement header bar

Connect with your visitors via creatively designed announcement bars and web push notifications to increase conversion rates.

Increase customer loyalty and achieve through web push notifications. Connect with prospects and bring customers back via web push messages.

Vendor payout

Reduce the time it takes to calculate your sales with the supplier payout. This app calculates your sales and profits for each third party.

Simple Sales Report

Simply Sales Insight is a simple, easy-to-use filter that allows you to see a breakdown of the products you've sold over a period of time. Do you want to see how many units you have sold per distribution channel? That will give you that. You can either view your data in the app dashboard or export it to a CSV file to work with the software of your choice.

Retention Optimizer

View the relevant retention metrics for your business and get actionable engagement insights. Track your retention metrics over time and understand how you can lower your marketing costs.

Zakeke Product Customuzer

With the Zakeke Product Customizer, customers can personalize any product (clothing, freebies, paper products, shoes, jewelry, watches) and visualize what it will look like before checking out.


Hindsight Visitor Recording

With hindsight, you can see exactly how your users interact with every element of your website, both individually, through visitor records and at the macro level with heat mapping.

Hindsight aims to refine your structure and design, sort out sticking points, implement the most effective cross-sells, bring your important products into view and most importantly, maximize your conversions.


Reach more buyers by supporting all global currencies in your Shopify store. Coin converts all your product prices into your buyer's home currency, either automatically based on their IP address, manually via the currency switcher, or both. This is a nice option for only $ 5 a month with great reviews.

Magic Zoom Plus

With Magic Zoom Plus, for a one-time fee, users can move the mouse pointer to zoom an image and click to enlarge an image on any product page. Helpful thumbnails are displayed in each enlarged view for quick browsing. Add YouTube and Vimeo videos to each image gallery for a complete customer experience.

Power Tools Suite

Expand collections with powerful tools like collection filters, smarter collections, automatic collections, and more. Save time and optimize your business with intelligent deletion, automatic hiding of products and global sorting orders.


Langify understands that your customer base may be global. Hence, this amazing app removes the language barrier associated with international sales and fills that void by allowing store owners to easily provide multilingual store fronts.

Order Printer Tamplates

With this great app, merchants can create unique and memorable draft invoices and packing slips without having to write or edit a line of code - and you can print as many as you want!

Dropified dropshipping

If you run a drop shipping business - be honest ... how many hours a day do you waste order fulfillment? This app takes the pain out with a whole host of automation.


Justuno offers Shopify store owners a full suite of tools to turn your visitors into customers, email subscribers and social fans through closed on-site promotions.

Custom options

Allow your customers to customize their shopping experience with this great app. Infinite Options lets you personalize products with drop-down menus, text and numbers, checkboxes, radios, and more for free!


Rewind is used by many large Shopify stores and is the easiest way to secure your Shopify store and undo unwanted changes. Make sure your most important business data is automatically backed up by Shopify's world-class backup app.

There are so many uses available to expand your Shopify website and make your life easier, but if there's some specific functionality you need that you can't find in the App Store, why not get in touch? We may be able to help you create an app that does exactly what you need!