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(As of August 2020) Holidays in Mallorca - where is the most beautiful and what do you have to pay attention to in times of Corona? The Spanish island has so captivated Barbara that she has lived there for 14 years and writes about it on her travel blog Mallorca Talks. She reveals her current Mallorca tips for the “most versatile, most beautiful and most enchanting island” (quote Barbara) - at the best travel time, sights, beach, excursions, hotels and restaurants. With some insider tips and insider tips.

Current Mallorca tips and experiences

Barbara is not only a Mallorca blogger, but also a journalist. She has lived in Palma de Mallorca since 2006 and says: “I write on my blog mallorca-talks.comabout the special things, the real treasures of the island, which do not make it into any travel guide. My passion are the stories of the people - the soul of the island. Real, different y un poco loco. " A little crazy? Sounds exciting.

I am very happy that she shares her Mallorca tips for your vacation here, away from tourism. For example for your couple's vacation. Mine is helpful for packing your suitcase Summer vacation packing listfor the beach.

By the way, I visited Barbara once. She showed me some of the Mallorca insider tips from the post, I had a fantastic time! You can read about it in this one items:
Mallorca - a perfect day in Palma de Mallorca and Soller.

What brought you to Mallorca?

I had just finished my studies in 2006 and actually wanted to start my first really well-paid job in Germany. Company car, company laptop, company cell phone - everything included. Fortunately, life saved me from that. In the form of my future work colleague, who gave me a really rough slap in the face for an absolutely ridiculous cause. I was shocked then - today I am grateful to him.

Because after this experience I just wanted to leave Germany.

I didn't really care where to go. I had lived in so many corners of the world: America, France, Africa. The only thing that was clear was that I wanted to improve my Spanish.

A work colleague from the radio then told me that the island radio in Mallorca was looking for new people. I applied, was invited to an interview and took an intensive Spanish course in preparation for the job. I never did that because I was recruited as an English trainer at the language school. And that was it - the first step in my life on Mallorca.

How is Mallorca doing in Corona times?

As it is currently in Mallorca - it must have been 40 years ago. Deserted and very quiet. Maybe 1/3 of the shops are open.

Every new coronavirus or COVID-19 horror news plunges the Balearic island into deeper problems. Every guest who does not come gnaws at the existence of people who work in tourism.

At first the French stayed in France because the French government pays everyone who stays in France and goes on vacation. The English are also not coming because they have to be quarantined after returning. The Germans are afraid and stay at home because the media coverage suggests Mallorca is not safe. The numbers on Mallorca are not high (as of the beginning of August 2020). Or they stay at home because the mask requirement is so “deterrent”.

The fact is: Mallorca cannot survive without tourism. The season lasts until October at the latest. Anyone who has not earned their money for the winter by then will probably not reopen next year.

"Every guest who stays at home this year shouldn't be surprised if there are no more shops or activities on offer next year," says Mike Baudach from Dive & Fun in Font de Sa Cala. He has only opened one of his two locations at all and has little illusion that he can hold it.

It's actually a shame, because at the moment you really have the island to yourself. Partly empty beaches (except on the weekends) and parking lots everywhere - and that in August. Something like that is almost a luxury.

You can find general travel information about Spain on the Federal Foreign Office website.

What about the mask requirement in Mallorca?

As of August 2020: Mouth and nose protection must be worn when entering the airport in Germany. You can only take it off after arriving at your destination. Eating and drinking is allowed, however.

Basically, there is indeed a mask requirement on Mallorca except: on the beach, during sports, outside built-up areas, where you can keep the minimum distance and of course in restaurants when eating and drinking. When diving, for example, you would put on the mask while the equipment is being “loosened up”, masking is also mandatory on the boat if the distance cannot be maintained and the mask is then removed before the dive.

The fact is - if you don't want to stroll through Palma de Mallorca, take the bus and shop, you may have the mask on for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Can you endure if you love Mallorca and want to help the island.

Why should everyone travel to the Balearic Island?

Because then maybe people will understand that Mallorca is not “Malle”. Mallorca is the most diverse, beautiful and enchanting island that I know.

Mallorca is so much more than most people think. Mallorca is breathtakingly beautiful. Energetic and full of life. Simply a very, very special place that I never want to leave again.

In addition, the climate is perfect for me. Not too cold, not too hot. Well mostly - we already had a heat wave of the century with temperatures around 40 degrees.

When is the best time to travel to Mallorca?

The summer is often crowded. So if you like a little more peace and quiet, I recommend spring or autumn.

Spring, because then the island smells so great and is so incredibly colorful. The almond blossom is awesome and this would be my tip for people who don't necessarily want to swim.

However, it can happen that a few hiking trails in the Tramuntana Mountains are covered with snow. After all, there are 11 peaks there with over 1,000 meters.

For everyone who really wants to go swimming, the following applies: come in autumn! I think October or November is super nice. It's slowly getting greener again. The sea is still warm enough at around 20 degrees. And autumn is simply great for hiking!

Mallorca sights: what should you definitely do?

Hiking and eating out.

Even if Mallorca is still a developing country when it comes to hiking, it's worth it. There are already some great hiking trails signposted and there is simply nothing more scenic than walking around in the mountains and always seeing the sea glittering in the distance.

I'll tell you below where the best places to eat.

Which are the most beautiful beaches? (Mallorca Tips)

Sometimes I go in around the corner from me Cala Major swim on the beach.

If I had to say which beach I like the most in terms of location, that would be it Cala Llombards or the Cala Romantica. It's too crowded for me in summer.

I only recently discovered a nice, for me new way of enjoying the sea: For around 130 euros you can rent a mini-boat (without a license) in Port d´Andratx for half a day. Four adults fit on the boat and everyone can or is allowed to drive it. With it you can chug along the impressive coast in an ultra-comfortable way without any previous knowledge and sail to places where nobody can get there on foot. Great. Then you anchor somewhere and jump into the turquoise blue water. A dream!

The beach picture above was taken in July 2020.

Where should visitors look for a hotel for their Majorca vacation?

That really cannot be said across the board, because Mallorca is simply very versatile and has something to offer for everyone: water fans will find great places and accommodations along the coast, depending on their interests.

I would always prefer a place inland like Esporles, Randa or Orient.

Originally it is all about the so-called Agrofincas to. This is also my tip for everyone who likes it to be as authentic as possible.

The Villa Vegana in Selva (see picture above) is one of my absolute favorite places on Mallorca. The 100% vegan finca hotel offers both breakfast and a great themed dinner - a highlight for non-vegans too!

The atmosphere in the middle of the country is indescribable: Regardless of whether one of the four pigs or another animal is walking past the pool or whether the setting sun bathes the large terrace in a calming light ... it is simply peaceful, beautiful and delicious!

The 3-course evening menu has a new motto every day. My favorite: Thailand. But the other country dinners are also recommended and worth every cent of the 35 euros for external guests (hotel guests pay less). The cordial operators and cookbook authors Miriam and Jens prove that you can make breakfast purely plant-based and still get “scrambled eggs” for just 15 euros per person.

Note: Absolutely recommendable! Reserving is always a good idea; Villa Vegana is always quickly booked out.

You can also find this Mallorca tip in the collective article with various travel bloggers:
Vegetarian and vegan travel: Nice vacation destinations and hotels

Mallorca insider tips: which food is typical?

There are many typical dishes that, as a vegan, I no longer want to eat and therefore would no longer recommend.

But if you want to try something typical, simply look for a “Pamboli”, also spelled “Pamb i oli”, on the menu. A Mallorcan snack with low-salt bread, oil, garlic, tomatoes and sausage, cheese, or vegan with lots of vegetables.

Mallorca insider tip: My personal highlight are all products made from Mallorcan almonds. The classic Gató d’Almendras (a super delicious almond cake) is just as much a part of it as z. B. a fermented almond cheese or a vegan sobrasada. It is a traditional spreadable sausage that is made from a delicious almond paste instead of pork. Which, by the way, is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the locals!

Where can I find the nicest restaurants? (Mallorca insider tips)

I have 3 top Mallorca tips for eating out:

1. That Lila Portals restaurant(see photo) - right above the beach in Portals there is fantastic food with an even more fantastic view! You have to make a reservation here, otherwise you have no chance of a seat!

2. That Quay restaurant in Esporles - in the middle of inland everything is grown on an agrofinca that should be put on the plate afterwards. Delicious, healthy and addictive! The Lofthotel Canet with the Quay restaurant is particularly worthwhile for a visit with children. There is a lot to discover there, including a great water park.

3. Not a real restaurant, but it is one of the cosiest bodegas in Palma de Mallorca La Negra Criolladirectly with me in Sant Augustin. You really have the feeling that you are sitting on the sofa at home with wine connoisseur Santos and his wife Nelly. The La Negra Criolla is very small. But if you love exceptional wines, you have to go there and let yourself be tempted by Santos. There are also tasty little things to eat, something different every day. Particularly recommendable: the homemade hummus.

How do you order a coffee?

  • A normal black coffee is an "Americano".
  • A coffee with milk is called here: “Cafe con leche”.
  • If you want an espresso, ask for a “cafe solo”.
  • You get a shot of milk in your espresso when you order a “Cortado”.
  • You should definitely try a “Carajillo de Baileys / Amazonas ...”. It's an espresso with a shot. The Carajillo with Amazonas (a Mallorcan liqueur that otherwise only the locals drink) is particularly recommended.
  • In summer the Mallorcan drink his coffee over ice. Ice cubes! Not ice cream. Then you simply add a “con hielo” to the “Cafe solo”. Be sure to test it. That is wonderfully refreshing.
  • Personally, I always order my coffee with “Leche de Almendra” (mostly local almond milk). Unfortunately, you don't find it everywhere yet. But it is the tastiest coffee ever.

Is Mallorca an expensive travel destination?

Mallorca can be very expensive, yes. But it doesn't have to.

Well, you can't deny that the prices for Mallorca holidays have risen in recent years. But if you don't come during the main season, you can get some nice bargains.

There are also inexpensive alternatives to the luxurious hotels and high-priced restaurants on Mallorca.

My tip: Find accommodation such as B. in the Lazy finca in the middle of the country. You do need a car there, but that is actually often cheaper than the accommodations by the sea, where everyone wants to go.

Or saves money when it comes to eating: eating out at lunchtime, for example, is better than in the evening. Lunch (“Menue del Dia”) is very cheap, especially at local restaurants. Just a little something in the evening and the holiday on Mallorca becomes more affordable.

Mallorca insider tips when money doesn't matter?

A couple of Mallorca insider tips immediately come to mind:

  • Living in the unique Hotel Cap Rocat. A noble hotel with very few rooms in an old military fortress for around 450 euros per night. A wonderful dream world with Mallorca's only private beach. Total rest.
  • A boat trip with a captain on a superyacht. They can also be rented on a daily basis and some have jet skis and other toys for adults on board.
  • If it's not that hot yet: a hot air balloon ride over the island. From a temperature of 28 degrees, the balloons can no longer fly. Anyone who has paid attention in physics knows why. ;-)

Which five articles from your blog Mallorca Talks are particularly helpful?

Uffff…. this is difficult. Only five. :) Okay:

1. The most useful and important tips for Mallorca at a glance.
2. For bad weather I have a great tip for young and old.
3. Mallorca is basically not a dangerous place. However, there are three dangers in Mallorca that everyone should be aware of.
4. The best ice cream on the island - every Mallorca tourist has to try Helado de verdad once!
5. For everyone who would like to come to Mallorca with their dog, I will clarify the question: Flying with a dog - is that possible?

Author info

Barbara Röss from Mallorca Talks is a journalist and Mallorca blogger. She has lived in Palma since 2006 and writes on her blogmallorca-talks.comabout the special things, the real treasures of the island, which do not make it into any travel guide. Her passion is the stories of the people - the soul of the island. Real, different "y un poco loco".

Do you have any other Mallorca tips?

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