Which dictionary app has almost all words

This is how your iPhone translates individual words without an additional app

For several iOS iterations, Apple has stored dictionaries for a wide variety of languages ​​in the operating system, but hardly anyone knows them. That is actually a shame, as they offer a great benefit and quickly lead to the desired result. Before we reveal where the dictionaries are hiding, make sure that you have at least 100MB of space left on the device.

How to activate the German-English dictionary on iOS 11

If you have a current iOS version installed and there is still enough free storage space, you can start. The most elegant way to activate the dictionary is to use the settings app. Select “General”> “Lexicon” and you will get an overview of all possible dictionaries. A tip in "German-English" starts the download immediately and it is available after a short time. The Duden or Apple's lexicon can also be activated here.

To use the dictionary or the look-up function, open any app such as Safari and hold your finger briefly on the word you want. This is marked (if it is not a link) and a context menu appears. In it you will see the option "Look up" that you tap. You will then see the definition and the various translation options. You'll also find more search results for movies, series, websites, etc. that Siri suggests. You can also use "Search the web" to start a search using Google.

tip: Incidentally, the German-English dictionary translates in both directions. We would also like to note that the dictionaries can be used in all applications in which text selection is possible.