Why did President Trump Michigan win

Trump wins Michigan too

American President-elect Donald Trump also won the state of Michigan in the election. His lead with a total of almost 4.8 million votes cast was only around 0.2 percentage points.

(dpa) The future American President Donald Trump has now officially won the state of Michigan. Trump prevailed with a lead of 10,700 votes against his opponent Hillary Clinton, said the election control in Michigan on Monday.

The result was so close that it took almost three weeks to be finalized. This increases Trump's lead with the electorate by 16 to 306 compared to 232 for Clinton. However, some of the votes have to be counted.

In Michigan, too, should be counted

The Green candidate Jill Stein had requested a recount for the state of Wisconsin and parts of Pennsylvania. She announced that she wanted to do the same for Michigan.

"We need reliable information," she told MSNBC on Monday. According to her own statements, she has collected a total of $ 6.2 million in donations to cover fees and costs for legal advice.

Any other election result unlikely

A change in the overall result with a victory by Donald Trump is generally not expected. The outcome of all three states would have to change in order for Hillary Clinton to win the election. Never before have so many incorrect votes been found in a recount as would be necessary for Clinton's retrospective victory.