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Google Maps fixed an annoying problem for pedestrians

Tech giant Google announced two useful features for Google Maps at the I / O conference on Tuesday.

On the one hand, the suggestions for restaurants and other places are to be made more individual, and on the other hand, a known problem that annoyed pedestrians in particular who used Google Maps should be eliminated.

Pedestrians get a better explanation of the direction on Google Maps

It can be annoying when you open Google Maps and start walking in the wrong direction. Above all, people who are looking for a specific location have probably had the problem before: You walk in the wrong direction for a few seconds until the Google Maps app adapts and you notice it.

This annoyance should now be eliminated, because Google is planning to equip the app with an augmented reality view (AR). Anyone who then looks at the display recognizes the surroundings and is guided with large arrows.

At the top, pedestrians can see the live view, while the map view that is already familiar is located in the lower area of ​​the smartphone display. This should make it easier to find unknown places.

If you like it more playful, you can have a fox show you the way, who will then guide you to the place. It is still unclear whether the nice feature will make it into the final version of the new Google Maps. It is also not yet known when the new features will be published.

Google Maps wants to provide you with individual information

The second announcement for Google Maps is related to restaurant reviews. Google Maps wants to suggest similar and well-rated restaurants to users in the future so that the selection can be made even more individual. Google Maps takes into account restaurants that have already been visited in the past.

The “For You” menu field then shows you which new openings there have been or which restaurants are particularly popular. Android fans and people with iPhones alike can look forward to the feature. An exact date is still pending, but you can use the function in the coming months.

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It's nice to see that Google continues to think about how to use Google Maps to effectively answer user needs. In conjunction with the new AR technology, users will soon be able to access the most modern Google Maps of all time.