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Here is an overview of the main beaches in Phuket with details and their location

Mai Khao Beach is located on the northwest coast of Phuket. The beach, which stretches over 10 km, is little developed as it is part of the Sirinat National Park. The only significant structures in Mai Khao are the Phuket International Airport as well as some high-end resorts like the JW Marriott, the Sala Phuket Resort & Spa and the Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas. Although the sand is rather coarse, the beach is very popular with visitors because it is a bit remote and they can enjoy endless privacy. It is also a popular campsite and on the far north of the beach, where the water from Phang Nga Bay meets the Andaman Sea, you can sometimes see surfers riding the waves there. Otherwise there are no other activities except fishing and hiking.
Due to a drastic drop in the bottom, swimming is not recommended in the off-season due to the strong currents. Mai Khao is also the place where the threatened giant leatherback turtles lay their eggs and every year newly hatched turtles are released into the sea to increase the population. Map This strip of sand is just the northern part of Mai Khao Beach and has the same character. It is located west of the bridges that span the canal between Phuket and Phang-nga Province. Map This is a very popular beach with locals and visitors. It is only 5 minutes south of Phuket International Airport and the national park office is also located there. The beach itself lies in a long, curved bay and is lined with casuarina trees that provide shade for picnickers. The large offshore coral reef is home to many different types of fish and the beach is also a place where sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand. Unfortunately, the number of turtles has decreased significantly in recent years. First-class accommodations are available and small food stalls cater to the many day-trippers. Aside from a few small restaurants and bars on the beach, there isn't much evening entertainment. Everything is a little quieter there, reminiscent of the early days of Phuket, before it was included in almost every travel itinerary. map Rawai is home to the villages of the Chao Ley, or Sea Gipsys (sea nomads), and it was the island's first "tourist" beach.
In earlier days, the residents of Phuket Town preferred Rawai Beach, lined with shady casuarinas, instead of taking the arduous route across the island to the west bank of Phuket via the hilly and winding roads across the island. The beach is good for swimming and there are a few restaurants and bungalow complexes as well as small craft shops that make objects from shells.
Rawai is also home to some five star resorts and is a very popular residential area with foreigners. Many fishing and charter boats have their starting point for day trips to neighboring islands such as Coral Island, Koh Lone or Racha Island. Map This quiet bay at the foot of high hills has a beautiful beach and is still not fully developed. There are a few accommodations, but virtually no other shops. In the high season it is ideal for swimming and to eat something in one of the small restaurants, but in the low season it is almost forgotten when the occasional stormy sea makes the bay unattractive and even dangerous.
There are also very good diving and snorkeling spots, but most of them can only be reached by boat. It is therefore advisable to take part in one of the excursions offered by the diving schools on the Uferstrasse. Entertainment and nightlife are limited to a few small beach bars and shopping opportunities to a few mini markets. map Bang Tao is a large bay with one of the longest beaches in Phuket and was a mining area for tin in the olden days. A large part of the bay is occupied by the massive Laguna Beach Resort, which also houses its own golf course. In the dry season (November to April) swimming is excellent there, while in the summer months it is quite restricted due to strong currents.
At the northern end there is a smaller bay which is almost completely enclosed and in which there are beautiful corals. There are many restaurants, tour operators and other tourist facilities, but entertainment and nightlife are somewhat limited as most of the upscale hotels offer their guests their own activities. Map Layan Beach is located at the northern end of Bang Tao Beach and many birds and other wildlife call this area their home as they enjoy the tranquility of the lagoon. The beach is small and is taken up by the only hotel there, the Trisara.
The hilly landscape is popular with climbers and bird watchers. Map Nai Harn Beach is located south of Kata Noi and north of Cape Promthep and borders the most beautiful lagoon on the island.
The beach is not one of the most magnificent on Phuket, but it is definitely worth a visit. The center of the beach is dominated by the Nai Han Song Samnak Monastery, which is also the reason that the beach is less developed than others in the southern part of the island.
You can do all kinds of water sports there and the adjacent beach of Ao Sane offers excellent snorkeling opportunities.
In the rainy season there are dangerous currents and swimmers should definitely watch out for the red flag, which warns of this in good time.
In addition, you can take a stroll to the nearby Promthep Cape to admire the spectacular sunsets, which are popular with photographers and tourists.
Map Hotels This is a small bay with lots of rocks and corals. Snorkeling and diving are possible. For sunbathers, this secluded beach north of Nai Harn offers a little more privacy. A small restaurant offers food and drinks. To get there, go through the parking lot of the Phuket Yacht Club Hotel and follow the road to Ao Sehn, approx. 2.1 km. Map of casuarinas swaying in the sea breeze determine the appearance of this small bay. A little off the beaten path, Surin has become a popular destination for couples and families in recent years, covering the mid to high end market.
Sixty years ago, during the reign of King Rama VII, the first nine-hole golf course in Phuket was built here, but today it is only used as a park. Due to the steep drop of the beach, the turbulent water and the big waves, Surin is a dangerous place to swim during the rainy season, but in the dry months it is an ideal place for a perfect vacation.
Nightlife is very limited, but accommodations and restaurants are easy to find, and some of the hotels have Sunday brunch that has long been popular with locals and foreigners alike. map Kamala is a Muslim fishing village north of Patong and is the preferred place for retirees and visitors who stay here for a long time. The beach is very beautiful and stretches for about 2 km. The relaxed atmosphere makes it more of a place to meet friends in one of the local fish restaurants or enjoy a cocktail in one of the bars.
Aside from the must-see Phuket FantaSea entertainment complex, there is virtually no nightlife, but a short drive over the hills to the south brings the adventurous right into central Patong. Accommodation options range from guest houses and international hotels to furnished self-catering apartments. Map The name means lion point. The beach is in a small, curved bay with rocky headlands at the foot of the cliffs which are lined with forest and is one of the most beautiful spots in Phuket. It is about 1 km south of the entrance to Surin Beach. Look for the path that leads down to the beach. map Patong is the hub of tourism and nightlife in Phuket and has grown from a village to the island's second town over the past 10 years. Countless hotels and guest houses, restaurants with local and international cuisine, bars and discos, massage parlors and street stalls define the image of Patong. The 4 m long white sandy beach is ideal for swimming and all kinds of water sports and there are sun loungers and parasols for rent everywhere.
In the evening the beach promenade turns into a sea of ​​souvenir stands, street restaurants and beer gardens and the most famous street there, Soi Bangla, becomes a pedestrian zone with countless go-go bars, pubs with live music and all kinds of entertainment. Shops range from local handicrafts in the street markets to branded goods in air-conditioned, modern shopping centers. The south and north ends of the bay are not that commercial yet, so are best suited for families. Map Kalim Beach is actually a continuation of Patong Beach and only separated from it by a few cliffs. The extensive coral reef in front of the beach makes it more suitable for snorkeling than swimming. Because of its proximity to Patong Beach, it is an ideal alternative for travelers who prefer tranquility but also want easy access to nightlife, restaurants and entertainment.
It is recommended to use bathing shoes when going into the water, as the corals have very sharp edges. The northern part of the bay is exposed to very strong winds in the off-season (June to September) and you can occasionally watch a surfer there. Map Hotels This beach is only a 10 minute long-tail boat ride to the southern tip of Patong. It is one of the most beautiful beaches with fine white sand. It's a private beach, but as long as you don't arrive on a jet ski, access is granted by the owner. There is a coral reef that invites you to snorkel and a restaurant with some beach chairs. map It is the second largest beach in Phuket and many large holiday complexes, such as the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort or the Hilton Arcadia, line the promenade.
The beach itself, long and wide, is still largely undeveloped and, due to its extensive size, never overcrowded. It is therefore a very popular vacation spot for families as well as for travelers planning a longer stay.
The sand is very white and fine and a coral reef stretches towards Kata and Poo Island at the southernmost point of the bay.
Restaurants, bars, travel agencies and other shops can be found on the north end of the beach, near the roundabout, and on the south side. The narrow street between Kata and Karon also has a number of small shops and galleries.
Karon Noi Beach, located in the north of Karon, is basically the private beach of the upscale Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and can only be reached through the resort. Map The smallest of Phuket's three main beaches is very different in appearance and style from Patong and Karon, although only a few minutes drive away. It is wide and curved, fringed by palm trees, and therefore very popular with families. The buildings there are mostly one-story and are embedded in the landscape and there are numerous restaurants and a lively, but not spectacular, nightlife.
The clear water is ideal for swimming, and at the north end there is a coral reef with a rich variety of colorful tropical fish that stretches about 500 meters offshore towards Poo Island.
Map hotels This smaller beach, located south of Kata, only houses a few smaller hotels and is not yet fully developed. The beach is excellent and the popular Kata Viewpoint offers breathtaking views of the tropical landscape. During the summer months, Kata Noi has long been a popular spot for surfers, but be careful when bathing as there are many rocks and corals on the seabed.
You can reach Kata Noi via the narrow beach road that leads from Kata over the hill. Map Pansea Beach is luxury refined by excellence. Small, intimate and exclusive, the northern end is reserved for Amanpuri and Chedi Phuket - a home for the rich and famous - and numerous celebrities, from fashion designers to industrial tycoons, are welcomed there as regulars. The only access to Pansea Beach is through the hotel complex and is therefore very limited. Map Nakalya Beach is the private and secluded beach of Thavorn Beach Village. At the entrance to the beach there is a DO NOT ENTER sign to indicate that the beach is reserved for hotel guests. Swimming is only possible at high tide. In the middle of the beach there is a long jetty and the "Nakalay Junk" anchors not too far away and offers day tours and sunset trips and can also be rented for parties. Nakalay Beach is for visitors who like it quiet but still want to be close to the entertainment areas of Patong, which is 4 km away. Map This small bay belongs to the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and is not freely accessible. It lies between Patong and Karon. Map This small, secluded beach can be reached via a small path. Follow the sign on the left side of the road from Nai Harn to Kata. You can only drive the first hundred meters through a coconut plantation, then you have to walk another 2 km through thick forest and hilly area. Getting to the beach is a bit of an adventure, but worth it as there are few people there - due to its remote location. It's a nice place to swim. There is no accommodation or anything else on this beach.
Chalong Bay is a popular and safe anchorage for yachts and excursion boats as it is protected from strong winds. Many boat trips start here, so it's quite busy between sunrise and 9 a.m. when the boats leave and between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. when they return. A number of restaurants and shops as well as an information center and waiting area are available for passengers.
There is also a building in which the customs office, the harbor master and the immigration authorities combine to make the service for incoming ships as easy as possible, as well as the sea rescue station.
There is also the base of the Ao Chalong Yacht Club, which organizes regattas on a regular basis, and whose bar is a popular place for sailors to spin their yarn.
A number of good restaurants, British pubs and bars are popular evenings for tourists returning from a day trip. Map hotels
This little beach is one of Phuket's best kept secrets. It has beautiful rock formations and offers good snorkeling opportunities on the reef in front of the beach. To get there, follow the road from Promthep Cape west. There is a small restaurant with a small parking lot between Promthep and the wind turbine. The beach can be seen a few meters behind the restaurant. map
The beach is in a picturesque bay south of Patong and the cozy atmosphere and peaceful silence is only occasionally interrupted by a longtail boat going to or from Freedom Beach.
It is a popular beach for snorkeling, but less suitable for swimming due to the rocks lying in the shallow water.
The nearby Freedom Beach, which can only be reached by boat, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. The only hotel there is the Merlin Beach Resort.

For your safety, please always pay attention to the flags on the beaches that indicate whether it is safe for swimming.
Green flag = no danger
Yellow flag = swimming is at your own risk
Red flag = DANGER - swimming prohibited