How do I get over my sugar cravings

7 helpful steps on how to overcome your sugar addiction

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Chocolate and cake seduce you again and again. The delicately melting chocolate lures you with its silver paper. The juicy cake flirtatiously drops a few crumbs. Without a guilty conscience, they thwart your change in diet.

The real nasty thing is that after a piece of chocolate you want even more. At least half the board goes into your mouth. And often the other half follows - after all, it's not really worth keeping. So that your guilty conscience doesn't scream so loud, you give your colleague a little more.

If this sounds familiar, you may be addicted to sugar.

Chances are you are addicted to sugar if you secretly eat sweets. And not because you are currently changing your diet, but because you are embarrassed that you are feeding a bar of chocolate by yourself.

Researchers do not yet fully agree on whether sugar can be addictive. The first thing you should be interested in is how to overcome your sugar addiction. Because Lent is wonderfully suitable for this.

7 tips on how to overcome your sugar addiction

Tip 1: Do you supply your body with vitamins and vital substances?

If you often munch on candy out of cravings, you may be missing important vitamins and minerals:

Cravings for chocolate

Your body needs magnesium. It is found in cocoa. But in combination with plenty of sugar and additives, chocolate is unfortunately not a healthy source of magnesium.

Magnesium is found in these foods, for example: sunflower and pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, oat flakes, green beans, oranges, spinach, brown rice, flax seeds, millet, fish.

If you need the chocolate flavor, prepare a snack with raw cocoa powder. More on this in the next point.

Cravings for sweets

In addition to magnesium, your body may also need chromium or selenium if you are plagued by the desire for sweets. You can find them in these foods:

  • selenium e.g. in Brazil nuts, rice, salmon, red cabbage, mushrooms, lamb, cod, sunflower seeds, eggs, oat flakes
  • chrome E.g. broccoli, grapes, corn, blueberries, almonds, Brazil nuts, eggs, beef

Before you reach for sweets the next time, prepare a few nuts if you can handle them. Ten nuts are enough to soothe your cravings. If he persists, you can eat ten more later. Chew them well, as they are difficult to digest and can cause problems for your sensitive stomach.

In general, make sure to eat as varied as possible. Because if you are supplied with all the important vitamins and nutrients, you will quickly get rid of the cravings.

Another advantage of eating healthy and rich in vital substances: Your blood sugar level rises slowly and then falls again slowly.

When you eat a bar of chocolate, your blood sugar levels skyrocket and fall again just as quickly. If it falls, you'll get hungry again. And that can be after an hour. Incidentally, this also applies to “empty carbohydrates” such as pasta and bread. The whole grain variant does not have that extreme effect on the blood sugar level, but is not well tolerated by sensitive stomachs.

Tip 2: Find healthy and digestible snacks as a substitute

If your hands are getting a little sweaty because your sweets are getting on your neck, I can reassure you: Who says that you won't be able to eat anything tasty from now on?

Find a compatible and healthy substitute for your favorite sweets. Yes, it will be unfamiliar at first. Even if you can't imagine it: Even sweets without sugar can be so delicious!

The goal: You rarely use sweeteners such as rice syrup and maple syrup. Like a cake for your best friend's wedding.

But why are other sweeteners not allowed either? Although they contain a little more vital substances than household sugar, they are still highly processed products and consist largely of sugar.

If you've just widened your eyes in horror, I can calm you down: you can use small amounts of sweetness for the transition. But reduce them daily! Promised?

By the way, dried stevia leaves are perfect for the transition. They are natural and sweet even in the smallest quantities.

Overcome sugar addiction with healthy sweets:

Even more ideas:

Tip 3: eat something hearty for breakfast

When you start the day with a sweet meal, your taste buds and brain are instantly reminded of how delicious the sweet taste is and want more of it all day.

Even if it's unfamiliar: Try a hearty oatmeal, e.g. with carrot or spinach. Or bake a low-FODMAP bread and top it with fresh sprouts, vegetarian spread or butter.

This way you remind your taste buds more and more that salty, sour and bitter are also delicious and you can better overcome sugar addiction.

It also slowly increases your blood sugar level. You already know the advantages from tip 1.

Tip 4: eat your fill!

If you're not really fasting during Lent, then eat your fill! Observe whether you tend to eat too little because of your intolerance, whether out of concern about symptoms or because you don't like it.

When you are satisfied with your healthy and digestible lunch, the cravings can see where they stay.

If you prefer to eat several small meals, prepare well-tolerated snacks.

Tip 5: wait 30 minutes before you eat something

If you feel like eating chocolate, wait 30 minutes first. This takes some effort at first - especially if you have otherwise quickly given in to the cravings. Falling blood sugar levels are to blame for the desire for something sweet. When it has leveled off, the hunger for sweetness also disappears again.

This is done after 30 minutes and the cravings will automatically disappear.

Try it!

Tip 6: Enjoy the sun and move!

How does this help you overcome sugar addiction?

Cravings can also be a sign of serotonin deficiency.

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the brain that makes you feel relaxed and satisfied. When you're outdoors, enjoying the sun, or exercising, your serotonin levels rise and the likelihood of cravings decreases.

Tip 7: Encourage friends to avoid sugar too

If you don't have to longingly look at the candy on your own at a movie night, it's half bad. You can also prepare delicious, digestible snacks together with your sugar-free friends.

Even with sagging it helps to be able to call someone who understands you and can tell you how he is doing with it.

Plus, they'll be grateful to you for having healthier lives thanks to you. Ok, at first they might curse each other. But I know many who actually want to eat healthier and cannot motivate themselves.

Make your food rich in vital substances and eat your fill, so that your body gets everything it needs and doesn't have to report any cravings. If you feel like eating chocolate, stock up on tasty snacks. A hearty breakfast will wean your taste buds from the sweet taste. Before reaching for something sweet after eating, wait 30 minutes. After that, the desire is mostly gone. And if it is still there, you can grab your digestible snacks. Overcoming sugar addiction together is more motivating - encourage friends and colleagues to join you.

And what about: Are you tackling your sugar addiction? If you need help with this, write to me and we will arrange a free expert talk. Then we'll see how you can help overcome sugar addiction.

7 helpful steps on how to overcome your sugar addiction
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