Will make you sweat with weight training

The 7 Biggest Mistakes In Strength Training

If you want to achieve your dream body, you should make as few mistakes as possible on this difficult path. LOOX helps you to clear the heaviest stones out of the way and shows you what you should pay particular attention to during strength training!

If you look to the left and right in the gym, you can see them at every corner: the boys and girls who pull the bar with swing into the neck while pulling down the bar, who turn a biceps curl into a full body exercise and prefer to take more weight for better or for worse than working cleanly with less weight.

Mistake # 1: Too many isolation exercises

Isolation exercises have a clear advantage: they address a muscle group directly. Hence, many think that they are optimal for building muscle. Not at all! Performing basic exercises such as bench press, deadlift, or squat is essential for your muscle growth. They appeal to several muscle groups at the same time and you need to use more force to manage them. This ensures an increased release of growth hormones in the body. But be careful: Too much basic exercise has a counterproductive effect on muscle growth, as the body releases the stress hormone cortisol when the stress is too high. This can even hinder the growth of the muscles.

Mistake # 2: No body control

Even the greatest prophet of fitness knew: “Weights are only a means to an end. What training is about is how well you let your muscles contract. ”Who wants to contradict seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger? Only those who do the exercise in a concentrated manner have a good “mind-muscle connection”. The best way to do this is to be careful to control the target muscle while executing. The exercise should be done slowly and tension should be maintained throughout the movement. Beginners in particular often have problems with this. As a basic rule, if you can't feel a muscle, it won't be stimulated enough.

Mistake # 3: Too Much Cardio

Probably the most persistent myth in gym history: To look good and lose weight you HAVE to torment yourself with hours of cardio ... Sure, cardio is great for the cardiovascular system and keeps the metabolism happy in alternation or in combination with weight training. BUT: If you focus on building muscle, you should be satisfied with two to three short endurance units of a maximum of 20 minutes per week. Any more would be counterproductive as the muscles need rest after strength training in order to grow. However, if you go jogging during these breaks, the energy required for running is used up.

Mistake # 4: Not enough rest

Your body first needs stimuli for muscle growth. This challenges your muscles and there are fine tears in the muscle fibers. In order to be able to renew these, your body needs one thing above all: rest. The growth itself takes place during regeneration - not in the gym! In this, your body can build up the muscles stronger and prepare for the next workout. The muscles that are being stressed should therefore be given a 48 to 72 hour break.

Mistake # 5: False repetitions

Not only when cleaning it is important to work cleanly! Whether doing the bench press, the shoulder press or the lat pulldown - proper execution and the right weight are crucial for the right muscle training. But more weight does not automatically mean more muscles. On the contrary: If it is too difficult, it can happen that the exercises cannot be performed properly. That might save a bit of strength, but in the end you cheat yourself about your success and your muscles about their growth.

Mistake # 6: Setting too loose

You can see them every time they workout in the gym - the boys and girls who don't really break a sweat because they always have their smartphone at hand, chat casually during a sentence and postpone pauses for minutes. If you feel caught now, one thing is definitely true: Your training is definitely too lax and the results will be a long time coming. For success in the studio, you have to show discipline and challenge your body! Go do it!

Mistake # 7: Improper nutrition

The most sacred of all gym commandments: Without a clean diet, no gains! Energy-sapping workouts demand a lot from your body. For that he needs a lot of energy. And he prefers to get it from fats or carbohydrates. Demonizing these and simply leaving them out for fear of gaining weight makes no sense if you want to build muscle. Your body needs them! Just like proteins, they are essential for building and maintaining your muscles. The trick is to eat the right nutrients at the right time throughout the day. Your body gets what it needs - give it to it!