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Translation of "shopping" in spanish

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Where you shopping... and where you eat ...
Donde compras y donde comes ... ... no es asunto nuestro.
When you said you had breakfast shopping... thanks.
Cuando dijiste que ibas a invitar el desayuno ...
I have a meeting here and I want you to do something for me shopping.
I want you for me shopping.
And don't say you like velor track pants shopping.
Y no digas comprando pantalones de chándal de terciopelo.
You wrote that you are here for the wedding cake shopping.
If you're not at Target shoppingget it somewhere else.
En caso de que no haga compras en Target. Entonces usted puede ir a ti mismo tornillo.
And tomorrow when you shopping, Supplies and stuff, I'll paint the truck.
Los dejaré en el hotel y por la mañana ustedes van a comprar el resto de los ingredients, se aprovisionan...
When you are there shopping, boy, then you have to become a big animal - and make sure that my brother doesn't get his hands on this area.
So, these stores that you for shopping, they certainly also offer jobs,

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This place where your aunt shopping...
Este lugar donde tu tía compra...
He ran away while his parents shopping.
Salinger needs to get stocks up before anyone can shopping and smashes the corporation.
Presionan a Salinger para aumentar el valor de las acciones antes de que alguien compre y haga acabar la empresa.
I know he's for you shopping.
And two hours later she brought this guy with the bullets for K-Mart shopping.
Mary se va ... ... y dos horas más tarde vuelve con el hombre que compra las balas para K-Mart.
Then he was at the hardware store, where he was shopped.
Luego fue a la ferretería, donde hizo compras.
Hardware store where our man once shopped.
Like me when he was with me last year shopped.
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