How is Microsoft a competitor to Facebook

What alternatives to Facebook are there?

An exciting Facebook alternative that already published in 2015 The social network Vero has only recently seen an enormous influx of new users. The billionaire CEO Ayman Hariri was able to increase at the beginning of March 2018 over three million users announce after Vero had led a niche existence for months with around 200,000 active members. Not only do effective influencer campaigns play an important role, but above all the current offer of a free one Lifetime membership: The app, which is available for iOS and Android, will in future only be available with a closed, chargeable one Annual subscription be usable. However, the offer was initially extended until further notice.

However, the annual fee should serve the developing company Vero Labs as the main source of income in the long term, because the platform should - as the manifesto of the alternative to Facebook provides - also in the long term ad-free stay and not use any user information profitably. In addition, you generate income through transaction fees that merchants have to pay when they Vero products and the "Buy now" button implemented for this purpose to evict.

Although Vero is similar to competitors such as Facebook and Instagram in many ways (profile structure, timeline, newsfeed), the platform offers quite interesting unique selling points: That's how they are Messages in the timelinenot pre-filtered by an algorithm, but appear in chronological order. In addition, Contacts in the four categories "Followers", "acquaintances", "friends" and "close friends" organize. These groups can then be selected or deselected as a target when an article is published, so that only the desired audience is informed.

A private telephone number is required to create and verify a Vero account.