Who are the most famous literary misanthropes

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Alice Oseman wrote her debut novel “Solitaire. After reading “Heartstopper” (graphic novel), I really wanted to read more of her. So I thought I'd read my way around the world in chronological order. Unfortunately, “Solitaire” wasn't my cup of tea.

⚠️ [CN: Ableism, Depression, Eating Disorder, HP Reference (pp. 12-14, 104-105, 143, 179, 205, 253), Thoughts of Murder, Saneism, Self-harm, Sexism, Suicide “Joke”, Suicidality, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]

16-year-old Tori hates everyone except her little brother Charlie, is pessimistic and she embodies world pain. I could empathize with a lot of things, but I just don't share her sarcasm and at some point I found this "This is funny because it is true." honestly just annoying. Michael, on the other hand, is practically the complete opposite of Tori. Open-minded, optimistic and bursting with energy. Seeing the two of them interact with each other was really exciting, precisely because they are so different.

I found the story with the anonymous student group Solitaire and who is behind it pretty interesting and I also really liked the characters. The same goes for the writing style, which maintains this melancholy atmosphere throughout the book. But now comes this: Somehow the last third was very… confusing for me? Everything went haywire. What bothered me in particular was how Charlie was treated. Charlie has tried suicide, injured himself and has an eating disorder. Why isn't therapy even mentioned? Or the thought of therapy? The same goes for tori. She found Charlie after attempting suicide and is sure to need therapy. Mainly because she sometimes has really violent fantasies, which for me were also described in a little too much detail.

Would I recommend the book? No idea. I thought it was okay 🤷🏻‍♀️