Why do people hate dirt bikes

Hatred of mountain bikers Wanderer, finally leave us alone!


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The trails in my hood are my retreat and playground. What I don't need: braking fun. Especially not in the form of pissed off hikers and hidden nail boards. You can finally get along with us bikers!

From: Sophie Kernbichl

Status: 04/29/2016 | archive

If I want to clear my head, move around outside - just spend a bit of time on the bike, the trails in Regensburg are the best solution, practically right behind the house: Flowy forest floor, well-developed neighboring areas, small jumps into the moss-covered flat and a stone field provide the technical challenge. The air smells of leaves and when I need a break I sit on the bench made of tree trunks and listen to the birds chirping - almost too idyllic to be true. On my third departure, I suddenly hear someone shouting to me from afar. I brake sharply, take off my helmet and see a stroller 20 meters away who shouts “bastard!”. I am completely perplexed, call back “Please ?!”, then again “you bastard!”. No question that this was my last departure for the day - my fear was too great that the guy would come up with completely different ideas.

... So assault is your league ?!

After all, there are enough intellectual low-flyers who express their resentment against the MTB community by hammering nails into boards and then hiding them as traps under a layer of leaves or in puddles. Unfortunately, there are these vigilante idiots all over Bavaria: Gröbenzell, Mittenwald, Regensburg - to name just the most recent cases. These people seem to care that such traps not only lead to property damage, but in the worst case also seriously injure the driver. What is their problem, please? If you feel like activism, you can contact the Bavarian Forest Association for the next manhole maintenance campaign - something good is actually being done for nature instead of being brain-cracked and endangering people and animals. Perhaps this bitterness is also a German problem: Does the neighbor have nicer flowers on the balcony? Is there maybe someone somewhere more having fun than me? Maybe even here in the forest ?! With a bike ?!

Get off our trail!

Do you still remember what your mom used to say? If someone annoys you, just ignore them and walk away. I do that and so do most of the other bikers. Panorama trails, for example, have long been marked in the head of the mountain biker as a restricted zone and clear territory for the wheelless fresh air fraction. We avoid popular hiking trails and jogging routes, we only ride even overcrowded classic bike trails like the Isartrails in an absolute emergency. For new trails, we are looking for remote areas of the forest. Anyway, stretches off the beaten track often offer the more attractive terrain. But when families with children suddenly declare the newly built, official trail to be an adventure playground, it's still the rowdy bikers who put harmless walkers in danger. It's like letting your children draw street chalk pictures on a Formula 1 circuit and then cursing the bad drivers for not driving at walking pace. Do you notice yourself what?

Mountain bikers don't destroy everything!

So, dear walkers, hikers, mountaineers, hobby alpinists, trail runners, low mountain range fans, fresh air fanatics - why the hell do you have such a problem with us bikers ??? Yes, there are, a few idiots pumped full of taurine, who wordlessly shoot past pedestrians jumping to the side in high speed so that the dirt flies meters away. But that's not a problem for the mountain biker, but a problem for the idiot. And, as is well known, there are idiots everywhere, even among you, dear hikers! The majority of bikers think differently - and you might notice that if you didn't get into your hatred so much. Cyclists are not necessarily nasty destroyers of the environment. Even the DAV - actually "your" association - now gives mountain bike courses and advocates a "tolerant coexistence of cyclists and hikers". Good thing, because mountain biking is growing and a few traps won't kill it. Perhaps the e-bike boom will even make you want to venture into the forest by bike? I would take you with me on my trail!

Hold together, mountain bikers!

PULS Playground reporter Sophie Kernbichl biking.

And now that really is a great peace offer! Not only because I think that e-bikes don't work at all, but also because betraying trails is not fashionable in mountain biker circles at the moment. And it's your fault, too, dear haters! You managed to split the community. In the Facebook groups, in which bikers - beginners as well as professionals - exchange and network, there is a lot of discussion: Should new trails be published at all? The fear of deliberate sabotage does not only play a role in the considerations. The cohesion among each other also seems to have been damaged. For example when it comes to beginners. They often leave deep skid marks in the forest floor, which can only be repaired with great difficulty. On the other hand, beginners in particular do not have the courage to heat up the toughest route in the bike park, but need trails on which they can practice.

Therefore a memo to ourselves: No Digging - No Riding. If you don't build, you won't drive either. And please do not single-handedly redesign existing trails according to your personal wishes, because you just feel like taking a flatter jump. In order to coordinate such stories, we must continue to network and stick together. Do we really need a code of conduct for bikers for this? Or maybe we can all - with or without a bike - simply agree not to be idiots ?!