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People who value the Bible world

Motivate supportive words. Anyone who reads the Bible and walks through the day with a verse will appreciate this power.

Words of appreciation help us too. We do not want to withhold the following donations from you and ask you to

share your experiences with the Bible world with us.

Here you have the opportunity to do so: Feedback on the Bible world

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"I consider the work that you are doing to be very important and I would like to wish you all the best and the best of success on this path!"
Former Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer

“The Bible has shaped our world like no other book. For us Christians it is the basic document of our faith. I am glad that the Bible world conveys this in a vivid way. "
Dr. Franz Lackner OFM, Archbishop of Salzburg

“Here I can experience the Bible with all my senses. She is the book of life! "
Emeritus Bishop Dr. Dr.h.c. Michael Bünker, General Secretary of the Community of Evangelical Churches in Europe, Evangelical Church A.B. in Austria Church Office A.B.

"The way in which they try to experience the Bible alive impresses me very much."
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Margot Käßmann, Ambassador of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany for the Reformation anniversary in 2017

“I appreciate your commitment to the biblical world in Salzburg. In your project, many people can experience the gospel through the senses. I am happy about the good partnership and the exchange across borders. "
Regional Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Council Chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany

“You immerse yourself in the world of the Bible, with many - sometimes surprising! - Invitations to immerse yourself in the Bible's message and faith. I congratulate!"
Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Anton Leichtfried, Section Bishop for the Bibles of the Austrian Bishops' Conference

“The visit to the“ Bible World ”, the conversations and the exchange were very enriching for me. Approaching the Bible, the roots, with “all your senses” touched me. Thanks!"
Salzburg President of the Long Day, Dr. Brigitta Pallauf

“The Bible World conveys to the visitors in a multimedia and vivid way how important the Bible is for life in today's world. We are happy to recommend a visit to the "Bible World" in our Archdiocese - for parishes, school classes, clubs and associations. "
Ordinariate Director Dr. Sandra Krump, Head of Education, Archbishop's Office in Munich

"I am impressed by the abundance of creative ideas, how the path of Jesus and the journeys of Paul were staged here."
Anselm Green

"Real innovation, highly contemporary refurbishment, it could become a magnet!"
Dir. Leo Bauernberger, Salzburg Land Tourism

"Great idea, interesting and very imaginative project, the ecumenical approach is also very good."
Peter Dolder, former director of the State Theater

“I think the Bible to touch / experience is simply awesome!”
Elisabeth Fuchs, conductor of the Junge Philharmonie Salzburg
"Dedicating a house to the Bible is like giving a home to our faith."
Doraja Eberle, former regional councilor
“The religious need at the moment is great. In the church we would have a high tourist capital. "
Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, Governor

"I am deeply impressed! Faith is not just a personal emotion - it is also about knowing about religion and belief. "
Dr. Herbert Moritz Federal Ministry of Education and Art ret.

“A home for the unsaleable: Confidence, trust, hope, peace, longing. A place to listen with a burning heart. "
Renate Rustler-Ourth

"A project that not only offers fun and adventure, but also deep reflection, metaphors on contemporary issues."
Johann Padutsch, city councilor

"I am thrilled, a project that should be realized!"
Helga Rabl-Stadler, Festival President

“As a city of international culture and intercultural encounters, Salzburg, with its Christian origins, is predestined for a bible house of experience.”
Prof. Alfred Winter

Artist and painter Hans Weyringer donated a picture to support the project.

"I can very well imagine that it will become a spiritual center for a larger class of society that one visits to get fresh spiritual breath for a few hours."
Dr. Hans Widrich