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One Piece reviews one of the most important scenes of all time

One Piece is basically completely based on the fabled treasure that Gol D. Roger hid.

One Piece is all about the eponymous One Piece. It is said to be the greatest treasure in the world and accordingly everyone is eager to find it. This is due to the no less legendary pirate captain Gol D. Roger. Shortly before his death, he gave the starting signal for the hunt for the One Piece. This key scene returns in the latest installment of the anime.

One Piece anime reviews the execution of Gol D. Rogers that started it all

This is what it's about: Actually, the pirates around Monkey D. Luffy from the Straw Hat Gang are currently fighting Kaido in Wano and the story is moving towards its climax and its end. But in the meantime there is enough time to include a few more flashbacks on the most important scenes of the story.

Gol D. Rogers death: The latest episode of the One Piece anime takes you back to an extremely meaningful scene. We don't see the execution of the pirate captain himself, but all the trappings and the aftermath. For example, how Whitebeard aka Edward Newgate found out about the death of his companion and friend.

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Of course, no part of the crew even shed a tear when Gol D. Roger turned himself in because he was already seriously ill. Well, maybe a tear or two has flowed.

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Who is this? Gol D. Roger is one of the most important key characters from One Piece. Perhaps it is even the most important of all, after all, it was the first to start the search for the One Piece treasure.

Shortly after he discovered the treasure, he was also executed. His last words finally ushered in the great age of the pirates.

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More about Gol D. Roger:

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What do you think of One Piece and the latest developments in the series? How do you think the whole thing will turn out?

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