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Repair and maintenance of pitched roof drainage à la Zambelli

(October 1, 2018) If rainwater runs off over the edge of the gutter as a result of a drainage blockage, the exterior and basement walls can easily become damp. This is often accompanied by impressive mold growth within the building. In addition, there is structural damage to the building fabric - especially when temperatures drop below 0 ° C. Dangerous icicles can also form. To avoid such hardship, Zambelli has put together a repair and maintenance kit.

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Gutter connector for repair and reinstallation

The gutter connector is ideal for small repairs where the leak would have to be re-soldered. The soldering process (cleaning, grinding, soldering) is usually quite complex. In addition, weathered channels are sometimes very difficult to solder. Often only bitumen tape or sealing compound is used as a temporary measure or replacement; two materials that are usually not suitable for this long-term use.

The repair should be easier and more sustainable with Zambelli's gutter connector: For assembly / repair, the craftsman glues the rubber seal that is included in the scope of delivery into the connector and makes sure that it does not reach all the way up on the water fold side. Then the gutter connector is hooked into the rear gutter area on the water fold and aligned up to the front to the bead. A clearly audible snap confirms the correct positioning of the bead clip.

The program includes channel connectors for semicircular channels made of copper, zinc and galvanized, each in the nominal sizes 250, 280, 333 and 400. The channel connectors in the aforementioned sizes are also available in the “robust” master series (with the exception of the 250).

Sliding sleeve with leaf basket

But not only leaks in the system, but also the clogging of the gutter by leaves, bird nests or rubbish impair the function of the roof drainage. As a fall arrest system, gutter and co. Are always at the forefront exposed to wind and weather.

With a leaf catcher basket (picture on the right) you prevent blockages in the downpipes or standpipes. For regular pipe cleaning, it is ideally placed directly in the drain pipe at a comfortable height. With the sleeve pulled up, the removable stainless steel sieve is open and the collected dirt can be easily removed (in the next picture, 2nd downpipe from the right). The range includes leaf collecting baskets made of copper and zinc, each with a diameter of 100.

different variants for downpipes, v. l .: water collector, copper standpipe with closed rainwater flap, zinc standpipe with open rainwater flap including sieve, zinc standpipe with closed rainwater flap, copper standpipe with open cleaning opening, copper standpipe with pushed up sliding sleeve and leaf basket, copper standpipe with closed sliding sleeve.

Rainwater flap

The rainwater flap is available as a further option to drain rainwater economically and in a targeted manner. They are available as standard and also in the “robust” master series. This means that rainwater bins can be filled with ease.

For filling, the flap is locked in the front area of ​​the bin. Depending on the location, this flap can be equipped with or without a stainless steel sieve.

The product range includes flaps with diameters of 60, 76, 80, 87, 100, 120 mm made of copper, zinc, quartz-zinc, anthra-zinc, galvanized, Uginox Patina K41, aluminum.

Gutter protection Gutter Stark

Leaves, snow and ice are the natural enemies of any roof drainage system. In order to be able to counter this with something effective, Zambelli offers the gutter protection Gutter Stark. This is a perforated sheet that lies on the gutter and picks up all the rubbish:

The Gutter Stark leaf guard is available in the aluminum variants bare and copper-colored anodized. In these versions, it can be combined with all common construction metals. The gutter protection is available in the most common nominal sizes, namely for semicircular gutters (280, 333, 400), and for box-shaped gutters in nominal sizes 333 and 400.

The perforated sheets are pre-cut to a length of two meters. They are placed in the gutter with the vinyl side as a flexible and balancing overflow stop tape in the direction of the building. When installing, make sure that there is a slight slope to the side of the building. The required mounting accessories are included in the scope of delivery. Gutter Stark can be installed with or without an inlet plate.

Since the holes are relatively small, no leaves can get caught in them. In addition, it practically cleans itself, as from wind speeds of 10 km / h leaves and needles are blown away from the grille.

Further information on gutter connector, sliding sleeve with leaf basket, rainwater flap and gutter protection Gutter Stark can be obtained via Email to Zambelli be requested.

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