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Bank Austria Art Forum

Interactive exhibition tour for DaF / DaZ groups and multilingual school classes. In cooperation with the KOMM!

Placement program
What memories do colors awaken in us? Which colors belong to our individual and cultural identity, to our everyday life? How does red sound and how does yellow feel? What does blue tell us?
We use Bonnard's versatile color language to engage in communication and action together. The exhibition offers an opportunity to speak, write and hear about feelings, moods and everyday life. Visiting the exhibition is aimed at all age groups and is individually adapted to the respective language level. In-depth booking of an intensive program is possible.

In cooperation with KOMM! Platform for communication, art and culture with a focus on German as a second language e.V.

Duration of the program: 1 hour or as an intensive program 1.5 hours. The programs can be booked with a focus on language, sound / music or body / movement.
Costs: EUR 2.80 (1 hour) or EUR 4.50 (1.5 hours) per person
Registration: +43 (1) 537 33 26 or [email protected]

COME OVER! - Platform for communication, art and culture with a focus on DaZ e.V.
Schuhmeierplatz 14/17
1160 Vienna

Ramona Rieder


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