Is Iggy Pop the ultimate rock icon

For his fans, Iggy Pop is still the ultimate embodiment of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll at 68. The "Godfather of Punk" has been touring the stages of this world for decades. Wherever he performs, Iggy Pop is a stage event. With a sinewy, scarred upper body and long, stringy hair, he danced through the history of music. At his stage shows he demonstrated that only pain could free him from boredom: he crawled naked through broken glass, smeared himself with peanut butter, poured hot water over his pants and stumbled bleeding off the stage.

After traveling with his newly formed band "The Stooges" for ten years, Iggy Pop performed solo again in July this year at the Festival Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon. Against the beautiful backdrop of the ancient amphitheater, the singer mixed rock, pop and soulful songs into a unique performance. And his fans were infected by his excessive energy. Even at 68, the "iguana", who has been nicknamed by his high school band "The Iguanas" for days, has lost none of its extravagance. As always, he delights his audience with hits like "I Wanna Be Your Dog", "The Passenger" and "Lust for Life". Iggy Pop is a born performer who is equally impressive as a singer and dancer.

To capture the full fascination of the agile punk icon, it took a director with special skills. Gaëtan Chataigner has succeeded in creating a lively and artistically demanding concert film that stays close to Iggy Pop: "As in an animal film in which a rare species is viewed up close, the cameras never let the singer out of their sight". The director paid special attention to the image quality. The change between a sometimes grainy, sometimes smooth image texture and the nuanced color calibration give the recording an almost mythical atmosphere. Iggy Pop's wild musical trip at the Fourvière Nights could go down in concert history.

The concert film was recorded for ARTE on July 17, 2015 at the Festival Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon.