Why is Paris Hilton a bad actress

Golden Raspberry: Paris Hilton's lousy performance is now award-winning

Consolingly, Paris Hilton was not all alone among the "winners". Uwe Boll (43), the director from Germany, also received the Golden Raspberry this year. The two were “chosen” on Saturday evening at the annual awards ceremony one day before the Oscar gala for the worst performance in the film business of the past year.

The quirky show's founder, John Wilson, said Boll and Hilton performed so badly that he could imagine the two of them working together. “She is the Zsa Zsa Gabor of the 21st century. She is famous for who she hangs out with. She is not famous for having shown any talent so far. After all, she could work with Uwe Boll: She could be the main vampire in 'Bloodrayne 3'. "

Hilton received three negative awards, including for her portrayal in the film "The Hottie & the Nottie" and as a supporting actress in "Repo: The Genetic Opera". This set the record for Eddie Murphy from the previous year, who also received three actor raspberries for his various "Norbit" roles.

Hilton's male counterpart on Saturday night was the Canadian actor Mike Myers, who was also disqualified with three “Golden Raspberries” for his film “The Love Guru”: The “Austin Powers” ​​actor received for his strip about an ice hockey player who was helped a guru to happiness and success comes, the ridiculous prize in the categories of "worst actor", "worst film" and "worst script". The "New York Times" had panned Myers' film as "downright anti-funny".

Boll was “honored” as the worst director at the 29th “Razzie Awards” and, according to the organizers, delivered the worst career performance. The comedy “The Love Guru” received three negative prices. And Pierce Brosnan received one of the negative awards for his supporting role in "Mamma Mia".