Is Algeria the safest country in Africa

Danger! You shouldn't travel to these countries!

As a travel portal, we are always interested in providing you with the best recommendations for the most beautiful and breathtaking holiday destinations. But what are the most dangerous countries in the world? Where shouldn't you go? Based on the information provided by the Federal Foreign Office, we have provided you with a list of the 10 most dangerous holiday destinations.

Unrest has raged in the Congo, especially since last year's presidential elections. There are repeated riots in the capital Kinshasa. Fighting between armed groups and the police also broke out outside the borders of the capital.

The East African country of Eritrea should also be avoided these days. Due to conflicts with the neighboring countries Djibouti and Ethiopia, as well as the unstable political situation, vacationers should refrain from staying in Eritrea. By the way: Kenya or Ethiopia, which can score with tourists with their extraordinary nature reserves, are considered safe alternatives.

A good reason not to travel to Central Asian Pakistan is probably the fact that religious violence is increasing there. Assassinations can occur particularly in religious sites such as mosques and minarets. There are also warnings about kidnappings, only recently one Czech tourist disappeared without a trace. In general, air and land routes should be avoided. Safe travel routes are by air across the Arabian Peninsula, land travel should generally be avoided.

Another North African country that can unfortunately be found in our ranking is Algeria. The largest country in Africa should be avoided by tourists at least in the areas of Kabylia and near the Sahara. There is too great a risk for holidaymakers to become victims of acts of violence or assaults. However, the larger coastal cities like Oran and Algiers are safe. However, it should be noted that Morocco is the safer alternative here too.

The protests in the English-speaking part of the country have subsided, but a travel warning has been issued. Vacationers should urgently avoid crowds and demonstrations. Furthermore, no trips should be made to rural areas, as armed rebel groups may be located there. The border area with the Central African Republic is particularly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. You should also wear large, flashy jewelry and carry a lot of cash with you. Be as discreet as possible.

It is interesting that Japan is also one of the more dangerous countries on earth. The country is highly developed, but so are its criminals. Credit card fraud is the most common in Japan. Male people should therefore avoid suspicious bars and contact with prostitutes. Furthermore, the Asian archipelago is considered to be the most earthquake-rich region in the world, which is why there is a particular risk of natural disasters and their consequences. Tourists should avoid the Red Zone, which is located around the Fukushima area.

The ongoing war in neighboring Syria has also worsened the situation in Lebanon. Travelers should therefore avoid the border regions and the north of the country generously. In general, the region around Beirut is considered safe, except for the southern suburbs. In addition, domestic trips should be well planned, possibly with a local resident. Crowds and demonstrations should be avoided.

The Federal Foreign Office is the only European country to warn against Ukraine. With conflicts between separatists and the army still lingering, vacationers should avoid areas between western and eastern Ukraine and Crimea. The capital Kiev, however, is safe and completely in Ukrainian hands again, but tourists should still be careful and vigilant.

Nobody can forget the pictures from 2011, the year in which the political upheaval in Egypt began. From then on, the country was repeatedly plagued by attacks by religious groups - the negative headlines piled up. In addition, the state of emergency in the North African country applies until September this year, due to a knife attack on two German tourists. If you want to experience the beauty of North Africa, you should go to Morocco, which is currently the safest country in North Africa.

The island state is considered extremely unsafe after clashes between the police and terrorist groups. Tourists should avoid the archipelago completely, as there is a risk of terrorist attacks or kidnappings. Martial law will apply in their own provinces until the end of this year, so there may be legal gray areas. So that you don't take any risks, you should avoid the island and visit another Asian country. The Federal Foreign Office also warns of natural disasters, especially typhoons.

Most of the pickpockets are in Barcelona, ​​by the way. In the lively metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, pickpockets struck the most frequently in 2016, closely followed by Rome. 5th place goes to the "City of Love", where people prefer to steal from the metro rather than at the sights. You should therefore be particularly careful during rush hour. In last place in the top 10 is Hanoi. So anyone who pays more attention to the beauty of the temples than to his valuables will soon regret it.