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The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale is a sought-after classic. Photo: Ferrari
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Maybe even better than new

Why it is not a bad idea to fulfill your dream of the Ferrari by buying it used

For many car fans, buying a Ferrari is the greatest dream of all. It's good that there are dealers who can make this dream come true. But is it necessary to buy a new Ferrari - or does it drive well second-hand? The main thing that speaks in favor of a new Ferrari is, of course, that you can order and configure the dream car you long for - in order to really be able to call your very own car your own. However, this comes with a not insignificant downer: If you want to buy a Ferrari new, it usually goes hand in hand with a sometimes considerable waiting time. More than a year can quickly pass before you actually get the keys. So it can make more sense to buy a used Ferrari. Because the models offered on the used car market also have few kilometers and are available immediately. So actually: get in and drive off. Ferrari can be that easy to buy. Incidentally, there is usually the option of leasing these used models as well. Ferrari leasing has to be worthwhile not only for business customers, but also for private individuals. But one after anonther.

Everything about Ferrari leasing - whether used or new

Photo: Ferrari

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Buy used iconic Ferrari models like F40, 599 GTO or 488

When it comes to used Ferraris, everyone probably thinks of a different car. No wonder, after all, the brand is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. In 1929 the Scuderia Ferrari was founded as a racing team. There have also been street cars from Maranello since 1947, and thus for over 70 years. During this time, some iconic models came together and this tradition continues to this day. Regardless of whether you are thinking of a classic 275 GTS convertible or a current 488 pista, a used F40 or the brutal 599 GTO: The market for used Ferrari is very rich despite the small number of items - provided you have a well-filled bank account .

Buy a used Ferrari - only from top dealers

Perhaps as a child or adolescent you also had the dream of a certain model and would like to realize it now that you earn enough money for it. In any case, if you want to buy a used Ferrari, you not only need the right offer, but also the right expert who you can trust with such an investment, who really knows about used Ferraris and who you can rely on in this sense can. Here you should really only buy your used Ferrari from a reliable top dealer in order to avoid nasty surprises.

You have to pay attention to this if you want to buy a used Ferrari

Of course, you shouldn't blindly buy the first offer when you're looking for a used Ferrari. There are a few things you can do yourself to tell the difference between a good and a bad specimen. First of all, what applies to used cars in general also applies to a used Ferrari: A low mileage does not mean that a car is that bad. However, this should also correspond to some extent with the age of the vehicle. Because if the car has only 1,500 km on the clock, but is already 15 or 20 years old, then either a replacement engine is installed or the car has actually almost never been moved. Nor is it the best for a car built for sporty driving performance. In such a case, the second rush gains a little more weight in this context: The car should be well maintained, have a complete checkbook, so that one can understand that the important maintenance work was carried out regularly, on time and professionally.

Note the "Classiche Certificate" for older, used, classic Ferraris

Offers from older Ferraris are particularly good if they have a "Classice Certificate" from Ferrari. This is how the Italians distinguish vehicles that have been checked in an in-house specialist workshop for their originality and good condition to drive. The Ferrari workshops benefit from access to the Ferrari Classic Archive at the headquarters, where not only construction drawings are stored, but also detailed information on all individual components of a vehicle. In addition, parts can be reproduced with the original machines in Maranello in order to be able to restore a classic, used Ferrari to its original condition even after decades.

Used Ferraris are often like new

What speaks for young used Ferraris in particular is that they can often still be purchased with a factory guarantee, but you can already benefit from the first loss of value that most of the red racers suffer, if it is not the limited, hard-to-get special models . And even a low mileage in a young used makes it a new car, so that you hardly have to do without anything if you don't order a new car.

Ferrari drivers should keep that in mind

Of course, there is still some risk. Namely that the previous owner gave the car a cold beating. That doesn't suit any car particularly well. One consolation here is certainly that the newer Ferrari models - even used - are no longer quite as bad divas as they were a few years ago and can also keep up with Porsche's conscientiousness from Zuffenhausen in terms of reliability. However, if something does happen, it can quickly become expensive. You also have to plan a fair amount of money for the inspections, if they are not already included in the guarantee or an additional service that you can take out when you buy. For example, changing the timing belt on the 512 BBi, for which the entire engine has to be removed, is almost legendary. This is of course very labor-intensive and associated with corresponding costs. It pays off in the truest sense of the word when you buy a car on which such work has already been carried out. Then there is nothing in the way of driving fun that every used Ferrari offers.



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