Why should a lightbulb go up?

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Editing | updated: 12/15/2020 3:45 p.m.
In the run-up to Christmas, when it is well known that many lights are on, a familiar light should secretly say goodbye. According to the mighty EU authorities, the light bulb should no longer exist soon. It is being replaced by the energy-saving lamp. It didn't really dawn on those responsible, because the light bulb is a waste of energy, but is the energy-saving lamp that much better? Eco experts say: No! Although the energy-saving lamp consumes significantly less electricity, it contains mercury and is therefore a real polluter. Extra energy is required for the time-consuming disposal. In addition, the energy-saving lamp light has a “cold” effect, so that people in their wintry apartments unconsciously turn the heating up a few degrees. Studies have shown that. The service life is also not so great: if the lamp burns constantly, it lasts significantly longer than a conventional light bulb; if it is switched on frequently, its service life is drastically reduced. So the bottom line in terms of the eco-balance is anything but a breakthrough. It is clear that the power-guzzling bulb no longer fits in well with the times, but the energy-saving lamps are not the quantum leap into a new, brightly lit age. Too bad.
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