What is different about talent and ability?

Employer branding - How HR professionals can retain talent

Why talents leave companies and how employer branding measures keep employees.

What employer branding measures are employers taking today to better bind talent to their company? Above all, companies strive for loyal employees. With better pay, a better company car or more responsibility, that is no longer enough in today's world. In order to retain employees, the company must ensure that employees feel comfortable in the company by taking their needs into account. Why good employees leave companies and what managers can do to retain their employees in the long term ...

There are many reasons why talent leaves a company.

Talented employees in particular are well aware of their market value and know that a corresponding salary would also be waiting for them at other employers. Often, however, it is not material motives that can lead to a change, but deep, emotional reasons:

Employees do not see a challenge (anymore)

If the tasks no longer present new challenges, demotivation and possibly even frustration build up quickly. You get the feeling that your time and skills are being wasted. Keep in regular contact with your employees and give them tasks and projects that correspond to your real abilities.

No appreciation is felt

If the work done is not properly appreciated, there is often indifference to one's own work. Make sure that ideas and work results are recognized by the respective "creator" and not by the respective supervisor or department head.

The passion is

Employees can only deliver top performance if they are really passionate about their company's product or service. Here it is important to recognize the real motivations of an employee. What drives the employee? What are his / her goals? Here, too, regular discussions and surveys can provide more information. If an experienced employee sees the opportunity to pursue his passions and goals at another company, he will do so too.

Lack of freedom

Large companies and corporations in particular run the risk of using uniform processes down to the smallest detail to restrict their freedom of choice and thus also the innovative potential of their service providers. Young top talents in particular want to think outside the box and try out new things if necessary. Create opportunities for innovative as well as creative employees.

Reasons to retain employees:

Employee retention is a core issue of every company: Long-term relationships with employees make it possible to work towards big goals, to create belonging and to be able to better integrate talents.

Viewed differently, if companies fail to retain key employees, valuable resources are lost:

  • Know-how: The more specific knowledge is lost, the more difficult it is to replace this loss in the form of a new employee.
  • Additional costs: Additional time, resources, and money must be invested, which is reflected in job postings, interviews, and selection processes.
  • Competitors are strengthened by internal industry changes.

How do you succeed in retaining employees through employer branding?

About creating an emotional bond. Employees need to feel that their opinion counts, that their goals and those of the company match, and that their work is valued. Furthermore, talents want to have the opportunity to develop themselves further and to feel that they are making progress. This can be guaranteed through regular training and advancement opportunities.

For young professionals in particular, but also for other employees, it is extremely attractive to have the option of a home office or childcare. This increases trust and loyalty to the employer.

The use of social networks or a blog can also lead to a higher emotional bond between employees and the company. More and more companies let their employees have their say and share their stories and experiences with fans and customers. In addition to authenticity and a feeling of togetherness, this also creates a feeling of appreciation for the work done.

Particularly original measures are very popular with employees. A look at the company rating platform Glassdoor shows that employees rate free drinks such as smoothies, yoga classes or a membership in the fitness studio particularly positively.

In summary, employee loyalty through employer branding is achieved through the following 5 approaches:

  • Get to know employees
  • Take employees seriously
  • Creating a basis of trust
  • Granting freedom and scope for decision-making
  • Give and take feedback