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What is ISO 9001 certification?

A certification is a procedure for demonstrating compliance with certain requirements. The ISO 9001 standard defines requirements that must be met when implementing a generally recognized quality management system in your company. As part of an ISO 9001 certification, you have to prove that your company meets all the requirements set out in the ISO 9001 standard. In this way, you can generally prove to your customers and suppliers that you have successfully and completely implemented a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard in your company. An ISO 9001 certification is carried out by an independent certification company in order to guarantee the independent confirmation of the complete implementation of all requirements of ISO 9001 and takes place on the basis of an audit in which all areas affected by ISO 9001 are carefully examined.

Procedure for ISO 9001 certification

The process of a QM certification is as follows:

  • Find out about offers and prices from various certification bodies
  • Select a suitable certification company based on this information
  • The ISO 9001 certification process is divided into two steps:
    1. Certification audit level I: In this step, a comprehensive document review and assessment of your company location takes place in order to determine the degree of compliance with the standards and any need for improvement in your company before the actual certification audit
    2. Certification audit stage II: Here it is checked whether your QM system and all associated documents conform to ISO 9001 and the individual requirements. All results of the certification audit are recorded in an audit report from which any nonconformities, as well as the course of the audit, can be seen
  • After successfully completing the ISO 9001 certification, you will receive a certificate with which you can prove the conformity of your quality management system at any time

Further information on the subject of ISO 9001 certification and an overview of various certification bodies can be found right here!

Scope of an ISO 9001 certification in quality management

If you have your quality management system certified, it is a system certification. However, there are also other areas of application. In the following, we will briefly introduce you to these areas of application.

Product certification
A product certification exists when an independent body verifies the fulfillment of quality requirements that are placed on a product.

System certification
A certification of a (management) system means that it is checked whether a system meets the requirements of a system-relevant standard or another set of rules, e.g. certification of an ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 50001 energy management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system or ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system

Personnel certification
In the case of personnel certification, the competence of an individual is checked on the basis of defined quality requirements; e.g. the certification of the quality management officer (QMB) or environmental management officer (UMB)

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