Is physics worth reading today

Readable books on physics

Why don't sleeping birds fall from the tree? - Wonderful everyday puzzles

Everyday issues are scientifically explained here, but so simply that you don't have to be a physicist to follow the text.

Readable from grade 5 if interested. The older you get, the more understandable the text becomes. Author: Mick O'Hare

What Einstein told his hairdresser - Science in everyday life

"Why is it colder in the mountains, even though warm air rises?" Tricky everyday problems are explained clearly and graphically here. The answers are often astonishing, but the level requires at least basic scientific knowledge.

Not recommended for grades 7-8. Author: Robert L. Cloud

"You must be joking, Mr. Feynman" - Adventure of a curious physicist

The book is a collection of anecdotes from the life of the (among other things, quite quirky) physicist Richard Feynman. You don't learn anything (or at least not much) about physics here, but you learn a lot about what physicists are like. Extremely fun!

Age-appropriate from year 9 upwards. Author: Richard P. Feynman

Travel to the center of the breakfast ice cream - Forays into the physics of everyday things

Len Fisher combines interesting facts from physics, mathematics and chemistry with bizarre anecdotes from the history of science. For example, it's about the perfect mushroom crown or the science of dunking biscuits. Most enjoyable and educational.

For enthusiastic physicists from grade 9 at the earliest. Author: Len Fisher