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Alabama shakes

Brittany Howard isn't your typical band front woman. Bespectacled, frizzy and slightly voluminous, she presents herself in floral dresses and blouses from grandma’s wardrobe. Someone who is so reminiscent of their own former teacher or a secretary in the registration office is somehow bad as a guitarist and singer in a rock band. You might think so.

But at a time when more and more young people are thinking back to the so-called 'good old days', in which people were not bullied but envied for thick horn-rimmed glasses and the studio recordings of great artists (Foo Fighters, The Black Keys) Play garage ambience, yes, a band like the Alabama Shakes should not be missing.

What is called retromania and at the same time means the centralization of the past and the associated transformation into the present is mutating into hype these days.

The young musicians began in Athens, Alabama. Here, singer Brittany and Zac Cockrell meet for the first time. She asks him if he would like to make a little music with her. "All I knew was that he played bass and that he had cool shirts from
Wore bands that no one had ever heard of
", she says. After the first rehearsals, the two"that very original vibe".

Brittany recruits the missing drummer. Until then, Steve Johnson worked in the only record store in town and actually doesn't fit the original garage sound of the band, which from now on will give their first concerts as The Shakes. "Steve is more of a punk or metal drummer"says Brittany,"so we built that into our sound".

One of the first major appearances is due to Heath Fogg. Being the lead guitarist of 'the best band in school', he hires The Shakes as his support. They agree on one condition: only if he is on stage with them. In addition to their own early songs, the three and four also play cover versions of James Brown, Otis Redding and Led Zeppelin. This mixing of the original and the tried and tested helps the band to find their style at an early stage.

The four young people, now renamed Alabama Shakes, really achieved fame with the publication "You Ain't Alone" on Justin Gage's blog. The song became independent overnight and the next morning Brittany was standing in front of a full mailbox and couldn't believe her eyes. Jack White asks the quartet for a couple of singles for his label Third Man Records

Despite their rapid ascent, the four of them only released their debut album "Boys & Girls" less than a year later in 2012 - among other things, three Grammy nominations are the result. Six songs are from previous studio sessions in Nashville, the other five were recorded during the previous year. Three years and many concerts later, the second album "Sound & Color" comes out in April.

The Alabama Shakes wanted to make one important thing clear right from the start: "Retrosoul is not what we are about"says Brittany."We are certainly inspired by it, but we can all do something with Black Sabbath as well."