What is a job description for a data scientist

How to write a job description for data scientists (m / f / d)

Duties of a data scientist

Data scientists perform an important and responsible task both in research and in business, as their data evaluations are the basis for upcoming decisions. In this context, they have the following tasks:

  • Collect large amounts of data
  • Analyze this amount of data according to the principles of computer science, mathematics and statistics
  • Preparation of the data as a basis for future decisions in companies and research
  • Preparation of lectures, seminars etc. and the materials required accordingly
  • Creation of presentations based on the evaluated data
  • Preparation and implementation of quality controls
  • Creation of new architectures and concepts for managing and integrating data
  • Creation of prototypes for the acquisition, processing and quality control of data and systems


Skills and qualifications of a data scientist

Data scientists must display a variety of skills and qualifications in order to be able to carry out their tasks responsibly. These include:

  • Successfully completed studies in a relevant area, usually a master’s degree or doctorate
  • Analytical, structured thinking
  • High ability to concentrate
  • Excellent knowledge of mathematics, computer science and statistics
  • Extensive experience working with databases
  • Comprehensive experience in dealing with relevant software
  • Willingness to continue to educate oneself and to continuously develop one's own skills
  • Independent, independent way of working


Professional experience of a data scientist

In addition to having successfully completed their studies, data scientists should also have relevant professional experience. In the case of a leading position or a position with a lot of personal responsibility, at least three years of professional experience in the field of data analysis is desirable. In addition, applicants should be able to demonstrate experience in dealing with the relevant database systems and the relevant software.

In addition to excellent German and English skills, other foreign language skills are useful.


Education and training of data scientists

Without a successfully completed degree, it is practically impossible to work as a data scientist. As a rule, data scientists require at least one successfully completed master's degree or a doctorate. The subjects of study include data science, mathematics, financial / business mathematics and computer science. Alternatively, interested parties with sufficient experience can take courses such as those offered by the Fraunhofer Institute to train to become a data scientist.

In everyday professional life, continuous further training is also an essential part of the progress made in this area.


Salary expectations of data scientists

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