What is Swedish wood

The wood we use comes directly from the forests of Sweden. But why do we pay so much attention to this detail? Due to the climatic conditions, the trees in Sweden grow very slowly, which means that the moisture content is lower than from the beginning with the types of wood from our forests. This can be seen well from the annual rings. The smaller the rings, the slower the growth phase. After the wood is only felled in winter and the remaining moisture is removed from the wood in a drying chamber, Swedish types of wood are more resistant and much harder. Everyone knows the phrase “wood works”. But the high processing quality of the wood does not allow the appearance to change over time. When the drying is complete, the wood is further processed in the production halls near Varberg (southern Sweden). Complete wall elements, with doors and windows , are prefabricated by hand in a heated hall at any time of the year.Trunk processing of a Swedish spruce annual rings on a tree felled in 2005For image material, see the list of authors