What is mutual fund SIP

SIP Equity EUR A

The AVL advantage shown here is calculated as an example and specifically for each of your selected funds with the following values:

  • 0% issue surcharge if a maximum of 100% discount on the issue surcharge for the respective selected fund can be granted via at least one of our brokered custodians. A saved front-end load is generally only considered as an advantage in the invoice if a front-end load is available for the respective fund and can be discounted.
  • 0% service and success fees, as AVL does not charge these fees (compared to another provider with 1.75% service and success fees).

The absolute amount of the AVL benefit in €, taking into account the above-mentioned variables (issue surcharge / service and success fees), depends on the size of the one-time investment and savings plan amounts, as well as the investment period and performance of the respective fund.

For further calculations on your individual AVL benefit, please visit our detailed AVL benefit calculator. Your investment or bank advisor can provide you with information about your current investment costs (e.g. front-end loads paid): Benefit calculator