How can my football career begin?

When to start with football

When should you start playing football? When a child should start playing football depends on what you want to achieve with your child in football. If you want to be successful in competitive football later, you can do that recommendation give that there start as early as possible should. Because every additional hour of training is valuable and brings the future competitive athlete a little further in his performance. If you want to follow the 10,000 hour rule, that means: with 10 hours of training per week, you need almost 20 years to master the game. Requirement: you have high quality and age-appropriate training. Quite a board. Because 10 hours a week is actually not enough! So the parents have to make sure that their child trains in addition to club training, if he doesn't already do it himself.
But starting early is not enough. Of course, it is important that there are many other requirements, including physical constitution, a small pinch of talent and, above all, a strong will.

Would you like a child just encourage movement and get enthusiastic about any sport and not push towards performance orientation, it doesn't really matter what age it starts. A Soccer kindergarten but is very suitable as an introduction. This does not rule out that the trainer also repeatedly conveys content, i. H. teaches the children movements and football-specific techniques. In terms of tactics, you shouldn't expect too much here. One or the other talent will, however, show the basics of running free and skillful individual tactical behavior. So you can also start here when you are around 4 years old. If you don't want this fun program and maybe send your child to general coordination training in children's gymnastics, you can also start from the F-youth (at the age of 6). A later entry is of course also possible, but you have to “learn” a lot if you want to become a real kicker.

In any case, it is important that the training is varied. Because that means, firstly, that there is no boredom and, secondly, the child normally improves permanently (provided that there is good coaching). Even when it comes to children here, of course everyone should go with them 19 start with football or even want to get involved at 22not to be demotivated. Even at this age, you can still learn a lot in football if you consistently work on yourself and train regularly. I didn't start exercising my left foot until I was in my mid-twenties and was at a very good level in the meantime.

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