Will a potato explode in the microwave

Yes, the microwave is a technological wonder that makes everyday life easier. No, you can't warm everything up with her. You can find out which foods these are here.

You can quickly and easily reheat ready meals, fresh meals or meals from the day before in the microwave. In terms of time savings, the device is far ahead of the stove or oven.

But not all foods can be heated in a microwave. Some become Health hazard, others just don't taste good afterwards.

Boiled eggs in the microwave

Freshly cooked, warm eggs are delicious, but you can also keep the finished eggs in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, cold eggs are only half as tasty and you might get the idea about them to warm up again. In no case should you choose the microwave for this, as this could lead to one explosion lead, which not only makes a lot of dirt, but is also dangerous. Either the egg bursts into a thousand pieces in the device or only when you try to peel it.

This explosion can occur because the liquid in the boiled egg expands when it is hot. It can also be in the microwave Delayed boiling come, which suddenly creates a lot of steam. The pressure cannot escape and bursts the shell.

If you have one already definitely want to reheat the boiled egg, then just like this: Pour boiling water over it and let it warm up slowly in the hot water for about ten minutes.

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Cooked meat in the microwave

You certainly have before Cooked chicken or pork warmed up in the microwave. This is not always a good idea. If the meat has not been properly cooled and stored, it can develop Bacteria multiplied have that too Food poisoning to lead. The heating in the microwave is often not even enough to kill the germs. In such a case, the pan is a better and safer choice. But take the time to completely heat the meat here too.

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Pieces of pizza in the microwave

Pizza is one of those foods that many people still taste very good when cold. Still, you might be tempted to do that Warm up pizza from the day before in the microwave. Do not do it. The result will be a soggy, unsavory disaster that isn't even evenly hot. Instead, preheat the oven to 200 degrees. You have to heat a baking sheet at the same time and then place the pizza leftovers on it. After ten minutes the pizza is hot and crispy again - almost like on a stone oven.

Rice, pasta and potatoes in the microwave

What they at least know: Also with starchy foods like rice, pasta or potatoes Reheating in the microwave can become one Food poisoning to lead. The reason for this are various bacteria that are heat-resistant and are still alive even after the first boil. If the food is not properly cooled and stored, these germs can multiply and become too strong Gastrointestinal complaints to lead.

What you need to pay attention to:

Cool rice, pasta and potatoes within an hour of cooking and do not store these foods in the refrigerator for more than a day. This is the only way to be on the safe side.

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Coffee in the microwave

There are people who only drink freshly brewed coffee from golden cups and there are people who warm up yesterday's cold coffee without even batting an eyelid. It is not harmful to reheat coffee in the microwaveif you didn't get around to enjoying the black pick-me-up right away. However, in some cases the taste suffers considerably. When coffee gets cold, it will bitter and unfortunately this effect cannot be reversed by reheating. So make one out of the cold coffee iced coffee.

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