Kylie Jenner looks artificial

Kylie Jenner in the beauty surgery mania: third breast augmentation!

Kylie Jenner: Big Boobs Again!

Reality TV star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner desperately wants from the shadow of her big half-sisters, the Kardashians, stepping out - and for that the 19-year-old is evident every means is right. Kylie Jenner is already one of them at her young age successful beauty entrepreneur and markets her own cosmetic items. She should already have around 18 million dollars (around 16 million euros) in the account.

She just posted a new selfie of herself on Instagram - and one thing is immediately noticeable: Kylie's new breasts.



Kylie made it really huge this time around. Usually she would try to make it less noticeable, but she's completely obsessed with becoming the most popular member of her family,

a friend reported to the "Star" magazine.

"And the only way Kylie knows is through her constantly changing look and body"the insider continued. The youngest member of the Jenner Kardashian clan has apparently had autologous fat injected into her breasts - Kim Kardashian uses the same method to regularly enlarge her bottom.

Kylie Jenner: at 19 she looks 35!

But this is not the teenagers' first cosmetic surgery. "Kylie had lip injections, but she had a lot more done"the insider reveals. She is said to have had her nose adjusted, botox, mountains of fillers in her face, a lifting of her upper eyelids and possibly a chin implant to conjure up a V-shaped chin.

Jenners Friends are said to be shocked. Changing your face and body so much is different than wearing a wig every now and then to try out a new hair color. And the interventions will certainly have long-term consequences.

She is just of legal age and looks like she is in her 30s. But Kylie is dependent on the attention she gets on social media. That is all that is important to her.

Even their fans find it extreme transformation slowly not beautiful anymore.

Please stop all the beauty operations, you are still much too young

a fan comments on one of her latest pictures on Instagram. If you look at pictures from the last few months and years, you can clearly see how Kylie's breasts are gradually more and more full and unnatural been.





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