Is Kobe Bryant a good NBA leader?

Los Angeles Lakers lose in the Bryant special jersey against Miami Heat - NBA title not yet awarded

The LA Lakers will have to wait for their first NBA title since 2010. The team led by superstar LeBron James lost just short of the Miami Heat, which could shorten the final series to 2: 3. For the Lakers it was the first loss in the "Black Mamba" special jersey, which the players wore in honor of Kobe Bryant.

The Kobe Bryant commemorative jerseys did not bring the Los Angeles Lakers the luck they had hoped for on their way to the 17th title in the NBA. In the black camisole, the favorite lost in a competitive game against the Miami Heat on Friday evening (local time) 108: 111 (56:60) and has to play for game six on Monday night (1.30 a.m. CEST) - instead of the whole To be able to celebrate the championship in the best basketball league in the world over the weekend.

“We wanted to win this game, especially in these shirts. If we don't make our mistakes, we'll win too, ”said Lakers star Anthony Davis, who was in golden shoes. “We now have to use that as a drive. We need a win. They need two. We have to be aware of that. "

40 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists: Lakers star LeBron James outstanding

The Lakers disappointed for a long time and were behind for most of the encounter, at times with eleven points. It wasn't until a good six minutes before the end that the team from California took a lead again at 97:96 - and together with the heat made for an extremely exciting final phase.

“It went back and forth, one strong move after the other. We just needed a stop, ”said NBA star LeBron James. With 40 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists, he once again lived up to his role as leader. "We had a hell of a good look at winning this game and series," he said. He was referring to the Lakers' last litter. Danny Green got the ball from James 7.1 seconds before the end of the game at 108: 109, was completely free in the middle of the three-point line - and threw a little too short. The Lakers got the rebound, but missed the ball and received two points from the following free throws.

Despite the success, the Heat pros weren't entirely happy with the evening either. After all, they had meanwhile given up an eleven point lead and needed luck in the end. "The way we ended this game, it doesn't get us any further," complained heat star Jimmy Butler, who delivered an extremely strong performance with 35 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists. "We have to get better."