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Live streaming record: 18 million online viewers for cricket game in India

The Indian video streaming service Hotstar has set a new record for live streaming, clearly surpassing its own records: On Sunday, 18.6 million users simultaneously played the decisive cricket game in the Indian Premier League (IPL) between the Mumbai Indians and chasing the Chennai Super Kings, reports Techcrunch. That was significantly more than the 12.7 million users who had followed a previous game of the current season live. On YouTube, the record is still 8 million live viewers of Felix Baumgartner's record jump from the stratosphere in 2012.

Successful Disney daughter

Hotstar is a subsidiary of the Indian media group Star India, which is now part of Disney. How Techcrunch In summary, in 2017 the company secured the streaming rights for the cricket league, which is extremely popular in India, for 2.5 billion US dollars. In the meantime, according to its own statements, the group has clearly surpassed more than 300 million active users and Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the country. Usually, however, these numbers drop significantly after the league finals, the online magazine continues. With the upcoming Cricket World Cup in England, that shouldn't be the case this year.

A year ago, Hotstar had already set a record with more than 10 million live viewers, leaving European and North American broadcasts well behind. A debate between the then US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had around two million online viewers, and Trump's inauguration was followed live on the net by 4.6 million users. The wedding of the British Prince Harry with the US actress Meghan Markle had 1.3 million live viewers last year. (mho)

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