Can a foreigner take an MCI exam?

Grotesque about new integration exams

Vienna (OTS) - In addition to new controls and stricter penalties for non-compliance, the changes in the consolidated integration law also bring new transitional regulations, which once again cause confusion and unrest. The bureaucratic details have massive and threatening effects on individual persons. An example: In order to fulfill module 1 of the integration agreement, Ms. X presented an A2 certificate from the internationally recognized Austrian Language Diploma German (ÖSD) to MA 35 in Vienna in October 2017 and applied for an extension of a red-white-red card plus. MA 35 rejected the ÖSD certificate and gave Ms. X. in writing the information that she had to submit an ÖIF certificate within an extremely short period of time. According to her statement, she received no information as to where she could take an ÖIF exam and, according to third parties, there were no exam dates for the newly prescribed A2 integration exam at the time.

"It cannot and must not be that, due to the confusing legal situation, the authority demands evidence that leads to Kafkaesque situations for those affected and is perceived as threatening the very existence", says Thomas Fritz from the SprachenRechte network. The SprachRechte network criticizes the Integration Act in a current statement.

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