Is there a presidential book

Does the president's secret book exist? - theories

For 90 minutes, the "Legacy of the Secret Book" is about hardly anything else: The US President's secret book is supposed to contain the knowledge of all previous leaders of America. What is the truth about the myth about the secret knowledge of the US presidents? Does the book really exist?

The secret legacy of the US presidents

The new US president receives a sealed letter from his predecessor. Conspiracy theorists want to know what is written in it:

  • In addition to the codes for activating nuclear weapons, the presidential letter is said to contain information about the whereabouts of an ancient book in which Abraham Lincoln wrote down American secrets at the time.
  • Whether Area 51 or the truth about the 9/11 attacks - the secret book does not hide anything from the President of the USA. In absolute secrecy, he informs himself about the state secrets. The book makes him the most powerful man in the world.
  • The secret book is based on that of the Vatican. The Church, too, has noted secrets for centuries that only the Pope is allowed to learn. Every new pope has the opportunity to make the secrets of mankind public. Nobody wants to do it because such knowledge would destroy.
  • Unlike the Vatican Book, the Presidential Book is absolutely prohibited from speaking. Kennedy is said to have even killed the power of forbidden US knowledge. He is said to have thought about informing the public. Having become a danger to the state, he has paid with his life.

That sounds imaginable? Maybe, but think again critically!

That is impossible! - Dangers of the secret book

For a variety of reasons, it is unlikely that a secret book by the president actually exists.

  • The president only serves for a limited time. If he is discharged from office, he will be a civil person who knows every national secret in history. At least in case the secret book exists. One question inevitably comes to mind: If it has been passed down for decades, how is it that a sacked president has never been a leak before? Why hasn't a single piece of information leaked out? Everyone makes a mistake at some point!
  • If only the President has access to the "secret book" it would have to be kept in a safe away from the outside world. In order for the new president to be able to extract the book at all, he would have to meet in camera with the previous president of the United States to inquire about the code. The deliverer could open or scan a delivered letter. After several centuries of "succession" there should have been at least one messenger who tried.
  • If one speaks of several centuries, then another problem arises: half of the book would have to be illegible. No president can have it restored, otherwise the restorer would know about all state secrets. In spite of the technological age, the secrets cannot have been digitized for the same reason.
  • If one nevertheless assumes that the secret book exists, then the legacy of the book only makes sense if an even more powerful body controls the US president. If that weren't the case, a new president could take office unencumbered and do his thing - the secrets of his predecessors would be relatively irrelevant.
  • By the way: If the secret book existed, would films like "The Legacy of the Secret Book" ever get to publication? Probably not, because if the "secret book" is to remain a secret, the president would presumably instruct the secret service to destroy public information.
  • Speaking of the secret service: evil tongues call the US president a puppet that is used by the American secret services. At least this is supported by the fact that the president changes after the term of office - the secret service agent is still the same. A scenario in which the president knows all the national secrets and the secret service does not would therefore be almost unimaginable.

Nevertheless, the theory of the secret inheritance is not entirely without a background. How could it really be?

So it could be - secret documents or secret book?

What is certain is that a new US president will certainly have access to one or the other secret information - he is also a politician.

  • Yes, the US president will likely receive papers from the old president to bring him up to date. But he is probably not the only one who knows. Most likely he will be informed by the secret service.
  • He certainly does not know all the state secrets of history - why should he? It would be of no use to him - he would only be a risk to the state, because the power of knowledge has already driven many crazy.
  • That being said, with extensive secret knowledge from centuries of history, the life of the president would be all the more endangered. Everyone would like to know the secrets of the USA. Why should one risk that when the information of the centuries is less useful than it can do?

Who knows - maybe Kennedy was murdered because of the secret book after all. As sad as it sounds, a conspiracy theorist may have assumed he would know - even though the book doesn't even exist.

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