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Popular skilled trades: Top skilled trades!

  1. Skilled trades: many different training courses
  2. Popular craft trades: Top 10
  3. 1st place: automotive mechatronics technician
  4. 2nd place: Electronics technician
  5. 3rd place: Plant mechanic
  6. 4th place: Specialist for warehouse logisticians
  7. 5th place: hairdresser
  8. 6th place: mechatronics technician
  9. 7th place: carpenter
  10. 8th place: painter and varnisher
  11. 9th place: metal worker
  12. 10th place: bricklayer
  • Women in craft trades
  • Craftsmen are in great demand these days: Customers depend on repairs, constructions and installations. More and more companies are desperately looking for new talent. Unfortunately, more and more school leavers want to study or are unsure which training is right for them. That is why we have listed the most popular trades for you. Maybe you will find your calling exactly? Or you are already looking for an apprenticeship in a trade and cannot make up your mind. Here come the top trades.

    Skilled trades: many different training courses

    As the saying goes: if you have a choice, you are spoiled for choice. There is actually a large selection of professions in the skilled trades. So you can choose a job that really suits you. Whether inside or outside, with a digital technician or traditional craft: many doors are open to you in the craft.
    There are around 300 different apprenticeships in total. Do you have manual skills and not two left hands? Do you like to screw on devices in your free time or do you like to create your own works of art out of wood, glass or metal? Then you are in good hands in the craft industry!

    Popular craft trades: Top 10

    1st place: automotive mechatronics technician

    Do you like tinkering with your own vehicle and your family's cars are not safe from you either? Before going to the workshop, do you prefer to take a look at your scooter yourself? Then the apprenticeship as a vehicle mechatronics technician is just right for you. Here you can learn everything about motor vehicles. Due to the theoretical and practical knowledge, you will be a real professional in screwing and repairing in the future!

    2nd place: Electronics technician

    Electronics can be found in every area and it is hard to imagine our everyday life without it. No wonder that this profession is number one among the skilled trades. Would you like to install electrical components or program and control systems and safety devices? Then apply now for an apprenticeship as an electronics technician.

    3rd place: Plant mechanic

    As a system mechanic, you are responsible for the basic supply: You manufacture pipes and components so that we have running water and a warm home at home. Without a plant mechanic, we would look pretty old. You are responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and manufacture of pipes, tanks and boilers. Of course, you can also commit to a specific area and start training as a plant mechanic directly in your desired area.

    4th place: Specialist for warehouse logisticians

    In the modern and digital world, we receive our orders at home with just a few clicks. But what is actually behind this process? What is hidden in the furniture stores where customers go to the shelf themselves and take the goods with them? A lot of logistics. Do you want to be part of this system? Then training as a logistics specialist is the way to go. You will be responsible for ensuring that a well-thought-out system runs and that everything has space and order. Unloading of goods and merchandise, matching delivery notes and storing and allocating products. These are all tasks as a warehouse logistics specialist. As you can see, it is a very varied profession that has achieved fourth place in our ranking!

    5th place: hairdresser

    Yes, the profession of hairdresser is also part of the craft. Surprised? Yes, craft trades do not have to be associated with metal, wood or glass. Or with the installation and maintenance of machines. The hairdressing trade also has its attractions. Literally. Whether curly, straight, long or short hair. Whether a new haircut, new color or a consultation on hair care and styling: After your training as a hairdresser, you are the contact person for all things mental work!

    6th place: mechatronics technician

    As a mechatronics technician, you are responsible for the safety and control of devices and machines. Is the control lever not working? Or should the voltage in electrical circuits be measured and determined? This is where the mechatronics technician comes into play and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of systems and machines.

    7th place: carpenter

    Working with wood is an art and meeting the demands and wishes of customers is the job of a carpenter. The wood has to be processed and cut until it finally goes into the fine tasks of handicraft. As a carpenter you can work in many different areas: on construction sites, in furniture stores or in your own carpentry business. You build tables, chairs, cupboards, wall cladding, parquet floors and stairs.

    8th place: painter and varnisher

    Have you already helped family and friends move and repainted the walls several times? Then training as a painter and varnisher is your thing, because that's where you swing your brush every day. In addition to color, knowledge also comes into play: You get to know working methods and different colors, materials and building fabrics.

    9th place: metal worker

    Is your element metal? Or have you always been attracted to this material? With an apprenticeship as a metal worker, you will learn how to work with the material properly. Banisters, fences, doorknobs, and ventilation pipes can all be built thanks to your work. You can design metal structures and build them in all sizes and types. After your apprenticeship, you can concentrate on a special area and, for example, assemble bodies or superstructures for commercial vehicles.

    10th place: bricklayer

    A job that probably every child knows: You didn't just play bricklaying in the sandpit? Would you like to erect buildings and be part of a construction site? As a bricklayer, you will have a varied, but also strenuous working day. Physical work is part of it. But not just laying stone on stone is behind the job of bricklayer, but also the concreting of foundations on which a house will later be built. Furthermore, as a bricklayer you will be an expert in the field of stones and put together the right material depending on your wishes and location.

    Women in craft trades

    Girl power- hello! Looking back, a trend can be recognized: Handicrafts are becoming more and more a woman's business. That does not mean that women are conquering this male domain, nonetheless the proportion of female workers in skilled trades is increasing. The trade is being opened up to women, particularly due to the shortage of skilled workers.
    Unfortunately, there are still prejudices that the skilled trades are not suitable for women. Women are more likely to complete training as hairdressers, beauticians or tailors than in the construction industry or electronics technicians.

    Are you dreaming of training as an automotive mechatronics technician? Well then stop dreaming your dream and make it happen! Don't let outdated clichés and ways of thinking get you down and apply for your dream apprenticeship in the craft.

    As you can see, there are quite a few opportunities in the craft and these were just the top 10 craft trades. There are many other opportunities in the craft industry waiting for you!

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