Who would win a hit against Lord Beerus?

Dragon Ball Super: My take on the fight against the budding Kaioshin Zamasu

After Dragon Ball Super had to pause last week, Beerus, Whis and Goku continue to try to prevent future Kaioshin Zamasu from killing his mentor.

Together with Lord Beerus, Whis and the Kaioshin, Goku finally reached the Kaioshin realm in Universe 10 to see if their guess that Zamasu wanted to kill Gowasu is correct. Meanwhile, Black and Zamasu want to continue their plan to wipe out humanity in the future.

As in my previous "Reviews" I will go into more detail on the content of the episode, which is why I want a clear one SPOILER WARNING want to pronounce.

What is Protect Kaioshin Gowasu about?

Whis, Beerus, and Goku have apparently finally uncovered Zamasu's plan to harness the power of the Super Dragon Balls to achieve immortality or get an ally in the form of Goku Black. To investigate their suspicions, they travel together with the Kaioshin into universe 10, because if their assumptions are correct, then the reigning Kaioshin Gowasu is in great danger. But things will continue to develop in the future as Mai wants to help her friends at all costs, while Zamasu and Black continue to work to destroy humanity for good.

The rescue of Gowasu and a newly awakened fighting spirit

Beerus, Whis and Goku watch the Kaioshin of Universe 10

Lord Beerus, Whis and Goku have finally arrived in universe 10 together with the Kaioshin to find out whether Zamasu really wants to murder his master Gowasu. In fact, this suspicion seems to be confirmed quickly, because even if Goku cannot sense any hostile intentions in Zamasu, Beerus can, however, perceive them very clearly. However, you cannot simply intervene in the fortunes of another universe and kill a future god of creation; what is missing is clear evidence that Zamasu really wants to murder his mentor Gowasu. In order to be able to find this evidence, the group went into position outside the Kaioshin realm in order to be able to follow the events from there. And only some time later their suspicions seem to be confirmed, because although Zamasu looks good-natured outwardly and assures his master that he has now understood his lessons on divine justice, he does not hesitate in the end to murder his master from behind. With this act, Beerus and Whis have the proof they need to be able to actively intervene in the action: Whis turns back the time a few moments and so they can prevent Zamasu's attack on Gowasu at the last second. The group confronts him and says that his future self is causing tremendous chaos in the future of Universe 7 and wants to wipe out humanity. Zamasu is not very shocked and admits that he is delighted to see his plans really come true. After all, it is after all Beerus, who destroys the Zamasu of the presentwith which the future appears to be saved. Back home, Goku, Whis and Beerus say they were able to destroy Zamasu and thus restore peace, but Future Trunks does not believe that his future could be saved; after all, his future didn't change when he helped Goku and his friends stop the cyborgs in the past. Beerus assures him, however, that this time it worked, because if the gods intervened, the space-time structure would correct itself again... but Trunks cannot believe the peace despite everything. Indeed, it seems extremely unlikely that the death of the present Zamasu will have made his future self and Black disappear, because normally time travel in Dragon Ball does not work that way and the preview of the upcoming episode seems to confirm Future Trunks' doubts.

While Goku was with the others in Universe 10, Future Trunks could be seen moping once more, again not being able to save his time and his girlfriend Mai. Instead, he no longer knows whether he is really strong enough to take on Zamasu and Black again. Prince Pilaf and Shu want to take this opportunity to get Mai to go over to him and comfort him; so she could finally conquer his heart. But Mai doesn't want to take this step and sends her two friends away. Instead, the little Trunks appears to talk to his older counterpart from the future into the conscience. He tells his future self that he is very disappointed in him, because a true Saiyajin would not behave like that and lose his will to fight and to win. Since his words don't seem to have the desired effect, the little Trunks turns into a Super Saiyan and gives his counterpart a powerful right hook. The young Trunks always wants to go on, but Future Trunks recognizes what his younger self wanted to achieve with it and shakes his hand as a token of thanks; also to tell him that he will never again lose his will to fight, regardless of the opponent. Those moments between the two trunks are my favorite scenes of this episode because it's great to see that the little Trunks finally seems to have found his old self againafter acting like a loving idiot for the most part in the last few episodes of this arc. In some moments you could almost think that Vegeta would give his son from the future another lecture.

This episode is pretty quiet again most of the time, but it drives the big story forward. Once again, the creators succeed in finding a nice balance between quiet, more serious moments and humorous situations. When Beerus and Goku are quarreling once more, or when Prince Pilaw and Shu Mai want to help win Future Trunks' hearts, these inserts will always bring a smile to your face. The drawings and animations are once again appealing, especially at the moment when Beerus extinguishes Zamasu's existence. But this episode does not come close to the optical opulence of a few previous episodes, which can probably be attributed to the famous calm before the storm. Music and speakers can also convince and round off the coherent overall picture of this episode.

"This power with unlimited potential is necessary for our plan."

But events will continue into the future as both Mai and Black and Zamasu seem to be preparing their next move.

We only get to see Mai briefly in this episode when she returns to the resistance shelter, where two small children are already waiting for her with biscuits. They stole the two Yajirobi who kept them hidden from the others. After initial hesitation, Mai also takes one of the biscuits and sees how carefree the children can still laugh in these difficult times and it is precisely this laughter that she wants to keep. It's nice to see in this rather short scene that Mai wants to protect the same things that her friend Trunks swore to protectwhich shows once again that even when he is not there, he is a role model for his friends and inspires them to follow his example.

Meanwhile, Black and Zamasu are in a remote wooden house in the wilderness, where they discuss how to proceed. Zamasu suggests that Black should also wish for an immortal body with the help of the Super Dragon Balls, but his partner objects that his skills as a fighter could suffer as a result. Instead, Black wishes to finally be able to destroy Goku once and for all in his next fight, but at this point Zamasu says again that he cannot increase his strength in this case. Zamasu goes on to say that she is helping achieve her plan, the 0 Mortal Plan, getting closer and closer, though the irony of fate was that they needed the help of a mortal in this. How exactly they intend to implement this plan and what it really is about Goku Black is currently not known, but here the upcoming episodes will in all probability provide clarity; at least if the title of the next episode is to be believed. Otherwise, in these moments it is particularly noticeable that nature was largely spared from Black's attacks seems to be. His attacks are therefore directed solely against the people and the cities they have built. A visually beautiful contrast in this scene.

Dragon Ball Super 59th episode is very entertaining with a pleasant balance of quiet and funny moments and at least the present seems to have been saved for the time being. But the actual fight against Black and Zamasu is still not won and should be extremely exciting in the coming weeks. So it remains interesting to see how events will play out in the coming episodes.

That was my opinion on the latest Dragon Ball Super episode, but how did you find this episode and how do you think Black and Zamasu want to realize their plan?