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STEM scholarships: what are the options?

The article on the MINT professions and perspectives already shows that graduates of a MINT degree have good prospects on the job market. However, the fact that the prospects for a scholarship are relatively good becomes clear from the many different offers that are presented in more detail below.

Particularly popular: the Germany Scholarship

What is in demand is the so-called Germany Scholarship, for which numerous young talents apply every year. The selected scholarship holders are supported with a monthly cash injection of 300 euros. Not only those interested in MINT can apply, but also students from other courses. The aim should be to support talents during their studies - especially when financially tight. However, very good results in the Abitur and in studies are mandatory for applicants. The specific requirements for scholarships differ from university to university, but in general, young people who are socially involved in addition to their studies have a better chance of receiving a scholarship. Interested parties should find out more about the requirements for the Germany Scholarship.

STEM initiatives

The numerous MINT initiatives of individual networks support young people who are aiming to study subjects such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology. The female applicants in particular are welcome and should increase the previously low quota of women in the long term. The number of available scholarships is quite high compared to other subjects, but those interested should be aware that the scholarships are coveted and can therefore be awarded quickly.

STEM scholarships for women

The chance of receiving a scholarship also depends on whether the interested parties meet the many requirements. Some scholarships are specifically aimed at women: Since the quota of women in the MINT professions is to be improved, scholarships are a popular way to make the scientific and technical areas more attractive to women in their studies. One example of this is MTU's study support, which helps young female STEM students both financially and through personal support.

Promotion of young STEM talents

The promotion of interests in the field of STEM subjects is supported from adolescence. Plus-MINT, for example, is a talent promotion that enables young talents to attend a boarding school with a focus on MINT subjects, regardless of their parents' income. Anyone who achieves outstanding performance in mathematics, computer science, biology, physics, chemistry or technology at a young age could take a closer look at the Plus-MINT program. The goal should be a scientific career. In addition, the young talents are given the opportunity to expand and consolidate their knowledge at an early stage. The structure of the boarding school should help to get in contact with other young people who have the same or similar interests.

In order to be considered for a STEM student scholarship, curiosity and willingness to learn are particularly important. The independent desire to intensify existing knowledge is only one of the prerequisites. The more precise requirements can be viewed on the Plus-MINT website.

Scholarship for a doctorate in STEM subjects

After successfully completing the bachelor's and master's degree, many MINT academics dream of a doctorate. Here, too, there are scholarship providers who would like to support this wish in many ways. Around 20 percent of all scholarships are funding for doctoral students. Already in the first phase of the doctoral thesis, the doctoral candidate can receive support through a scholarship - often even if it is still a matter of finding a topic or structuring the newly emerging everyday life. A distinction is made between topic-related and topic-independent funding. According to, the chances of receiving a scholarship are particularly good for a doctorate that relates to a fixed topic. In order to actually be considered for the various funding opportunities, those interested in MINT scholarships should apply as early as possible and submit a complete application that reflects genuine interest.

Realistic chances of getting a STEM scholarship

Many young people live in the belief that scholarships are only given to the talents with the best grade point average. But it is not always just a question of performance, but often also the level of motivation and the way in which the interested parties apply. Those who write clever applications with brains, for example, have good chances. The important thing is to consider all options and not rely on a single foundation or company. There are more than 2,000 foundations nationwide - and there are even scholarships that nobody takes advantage of because the applicants are missing. Personal commitment is therefore often far more important than the grade point average. Many potential applicants do not know this and shy away from applying for fear of being rejected. However, if you make an effort when writing your application and show goodwill, you have a good chance.

MINT scholarship: how perfect does the application have to be?

The "perfect" application doesn't have to be perfect. Those who opt for the often long application process have to be convincing in their cover letter. The requirements for applicants are, however, set realistically and very different depending on the provider: It does not have to be a 1.0 degree. Rather, it becomes clear in the applicant's cover letter whether they are suitable for a scholarship. How the interested parties present themselves is particularly important. It is ideal to introduce yourself in a short introduction and then describe why you are applying to the selected company or the specific foundation. What a collaboration could bring should also be emphasized in a few sentences.

A MINT scholarship offers more than just financial support

The money, which is often particularly important to young people on a scholarship, is one thing - it can help, for example, to become financially independent. But the network that is opened up by an approved scholarship should not be underestimated either. The support that companies and foundations provide with regard to the development of their protégés through selected seminars or even personal mentors is often of fundamental importance for their future. The contacts that scholarship holders make are complex and essential in professional life. Especially in MINT professions, relationships can decide whether international success is also possible later on.

How do I find the right scholarship?

There are numerous scholarship databases online that can be searched specifically for interests and strengths. The offers are diverse. Scholarships do not always mean money, but of course they can take the form of financial support. In some databases, the search filters can even be extended to the desired countries, whereby scholarships are mostly limited to other European countries.

The following list contains some scholarship databases that are relevant for interested parties:

  • More than 3,000 scholarships from public and private donors
  • Europe-wide database with more than 12,000 scholarships
  • Database of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Various funding programs and grants on the website of the German Research Foundation
  • Association of 13 organizations promoting the gifted
  • Scholarship database of the German Academic Exchange Service for scholarships abroad
  • Scholarship database with more than 1,000 scholarships in Germany and abroad
  • Scholarship database of the Staufenbiel Institute

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