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Hurricane Sandy: CARE helps in Haiti and Cuba

Sandy caused heavy rain for three days in Haiti, killing 52 people. The lower-lying regions in western Haiti are most affected, as they are still struggling with the aftermath of the tropical storm "Isaac", which hit the country in August. CARE employees report that 14 people were killed in the Grande Anse region. There, almost 3,000 houses and half of the fields were destroyed or badly damaged. In the municipality of Léogâne, the floods destroyed two villages and left 300 families homeless. There, too, many fields were flooded, which means food insecurity for many families.

1.1 million people affected in Cuba

The CARE Haiti emergency team is focused on quickly delivering clean drinking water and hygiene products to the communities in Grande Anse that are particularly hard hit. Rapid relief is essential to prevent dangerous diseases like cholera from spreading through polluted water. Because 30 cases of cholera have already been counted in Grande Anse, there are 300 sick people and six deaths nationwide.
The storm also caused damage in Cuba: There, “Sandy” caused landslides in the south-east of the country. According to estimates by the UN, 1.1 million people in Cuba are affected by the effects of the storm. 180,000 houses were damaged, 50,000 of which were destroyed. In addition, 970 square kilometers of cultivation area have been damaged. This also has an impact on the rest of the country, as a large part of all grain is grown in eastern Cuba.
“This is one of the worst cyclones east of Cuba has ever seen. Although the Cuban authorities were very well prepared, the storm took the population by surprise. It moved directly over the city of Santiago de Cuba, which is usually not the case here with tropical storms, ”reports Christina Polzot, CARE representative in Cuba. “The Cuban government has evacuated 345,000 people. There are also many large families among them, so the houses are overcrowded. "

Most of all, we need material to rebuild people's homes. Goods for everyday use are also important, such as tools or hygiene articles. The emergency aid in Cuba is organized by CARE in cooperation with local partners and the Cuban government. CARE Cuba focuses on households of single women. They are particularly in need of help, as the woman alone has to bear the responsibility for the family and they often lack an income of their own.

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